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Storage rack for styrene

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  • Storage rack for styrene

    I have lots of styrene strips, angles, rods, and tubes of many sizes, mostly from Evergreen Scale Models plus a few from Plastruct. Until now I've just been shoving them into whatever nook or cranny I could find in the piles of stuff surrounding my modeling work area. I have long planned to devise a better storage solution, but lacked a "round tuit".

    Well, recently I finally got around to it! I built it out of 3mm thick Sintra PVC board. I started by constructing segments, as seen here:

    The segments were designed to fit together in a stair-step manner, with each segment being 2" higher than the previous segment:

    About halfway through I realized this spacing was going to make the rack too tall. So the the spacing of the remaining four segments was reduced to 1.25". When all eight segments were glued together, I added sides made from 3mm Sintra, and a bottom made from 6mm Sintra. I also added a handle to make moving or carrying the rack more convenient:

    When complete, I filled the rack with the styrene materials:

    Then I realized I could make it even more useful by adding a couple pockets at each end. These will hold sheets of plain styrene on one end, and specialty sheets such as scribed siding on the other end. Two smaller pockets can be used to hold additional strips, tubes, etc in styrene or brass:

    I'm still trying to decide what to store in the rear of the rack. Can't let all that empty space go to waste!

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    Motrak Models offers a different approach for styrene. These were based on the old computer manual boxes I used to store strips. I showed a picture to Jeff Adam and he came up with the product. (no financial connection, I just gave him the idea.)

    I like your 'stepped' approach.

    add... "one bag of each" Evergreen strips is probably the single best investment you can make for scratchbuilding and kitbashing. (Second would be 4'x8' sheets of .040 styrene from a plastics supplier.) A similar assortment of bagged stripwood is also very helpful.

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      Looks excellent Ray. And very professionally made.. Like many, my strips are just shoved in a drawer.
      Your approach is a neat and easy way to find what you're looking for.
      In the empty alcove in the back, you could hide your money, except you probably already spent it all on styrene strips. You sure do have a good selection.

      Maybe include the dimensions in this thread, in case others here may want to make one.

      Regards Rob

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        Great design, Ray. I like the portability of it.

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          The step storage makes it easier to find the strips you need. Perfect design for styrene strips!


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            Very nice set-up. Easy access to what your looking for. Nice build. Looks like my local Hobby Shop stand.

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              Very Cool idea set up! Something to ponder for sure.
              Thanx Thom...


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                A few years back our local hobby shop was closing its doors. They had a well stocked Evergreen shelf display marked down to $15 and the Plastruct spinner rack also well stocked at $15. My friend had already latched onto the entire strip wood inventory for about $20.. When my friend passed away his wife gave me the wood supply. The plastic is very well organized in it's retail racks, but the wood is another story. Very seldom need anything that's not already "in stock" Makes life a bit easier.
                Have a good one every body
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                  Very neatly done!

                  Only problem with these storage racks though is that once you have everything sorted out into them, you still need a space to put the storage rack.

                  I have a metal rack that an old store had for selling zippers - got a lot of my dimensional basswood sorted out into it. My scale lumber is sorted out into divided spaces in 4 wood wine boxes (~12"x16"). I hope to reduce my inventory through attrition just a bit to eliminate 1 box.
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                    Nicely made storage rack, Ray. Evergreen strips here are loosely "sorted" by type, stacked into a manilla envelope which is rolled up and wrapped with a big rubberband. Your solution is much better.


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                      Years ago a friend was remodeling his store and asked if I wanted the revolving Evergreen rack. I said no.

                      My LHS now in So. Central Wisconsin says I may have more Evergreen material in stock then he does. I sure could use the revolving rack. I have mine in 3 drawers.

                      RAY, thanks for this idea and the step design. Gee, how much Sintra do I have left? Oh yeah, thanks for introducing Sintra to me years ago here on some buildings you did for your outdoor layout