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  • Thursday morning lounge

    Good morning crew, readers, and lurkers, from 76f and huumid N.E. Indiana. The coffee urn is READY with Hotbox blend. The special is a breakfast burrito w/wo chorizo. Double chorizo for Lou. The oatmeal pot is fresh, with a box of raisins next to it. All other drinks including iced water bottles in the coolers. Rained cats and dogs over night. There will be plenty of branches to harvest off the driveway this morning. .

    I spent some time out in the shop yesterday purging old magazines, and other 'stuff' that hasn't seen daylight in years. Plenty more to go.
    Awfully hot out there, so I can only take a few hours of that. Air conditioning and reading is the on the agenda today. I was looking at some pictures of a model railroad 'estate sale' from one of our op session group to be held Saturday. Heart attack at 62, ex Navy, all around nice guy. Sad to lose yet another friend.

    Well, time to "punch in" and open the front door.

    Have a Super day!

    Take the red pill

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    Good morning everyone.

    Jim, thanks for the coffee and breakfast and my condolences as well.

    Another scorcher here with temps in the upper 90's and a chance of t-storms.

    DMV appointment this morning.
    I need to get serious about listing things for sale again.

    Have a great day everyone.


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      Morning Jim, Rick and others coming later,

      Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend Jim. The coffee smells good but I'll go for a Diet Pepsi to get my firebox stoked.

      Nothing new for me today other than date night with Pam.

      Have a great day ya'll.



      • BurleyJim
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        Diet Pepsi is my first choice too.

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      Good morning Jim and the rest of the crew. Sorry for the loss of your friend, Jim.

      We had hours of rain come thru last evening and night. Good thing for the lawns and farmers. The high temp yesterday just reached 90. Today's high should be 81.

      I spend much of yesterday on yard work. Too wet for outdoor work today.

      Reading and modeling is on the agenda.

      Have a great day!


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        Good morning, Jim and crew. It's going to be in the 90's again today. First is a walk, then a trip to Costco, indoor activities later.

        Sorry for the loss of your friend, Jim.

        Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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          Up and watering the peppers and squash this morning - they looked a little challenged to pick tomatoes give away to the neighbors.

          Got that walnut East Lake frame done and on the wall late yesterday so that's off my bench in the workshop - reclaimed space to build something! I should get into a project so I have something to put into my column for the magazine before I run up against my own deadline.

          No real plans other than an expedition to CostCo later...maybe....reading and some writing probably.

          So it goes...

          In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


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            Good morning Guys, and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening up the lounge Jim. Coffee, it is the best way as we all know to start off the day.

            80 degrees, and sunny here in Rhode Island today. Going to be a warm one.

            Jim, "Double chorizo" you remembered. Now that's a breakfast.

            Not sure what today will bring for me. I'll have to play it by ear again today. Posted the finished Photographers critter, now looking for something else to build.

            Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day. I'll see you all on the RR-L Forum.

            Louis L&R Western Railroad
            Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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              No chorizo for me compadre, still feeling the reaction from bacon and hash browns done in the bacon grease last evening, great BLTs but…later

              We ended up with close to 3” of rain, an official reporting station close by showed over 4” and 3.5” just W of me. Humidity expected to stay, was “highest in several years” per the seasoned blond morning weather person from GRap. Hmmm….you’d almost think it was summer.

              Indoor today most likely. Or out to the shop. EZ on eats today.

              Sorry for loss of your friend, Jim. The Reaper seems close by a lot..

              Everyone have a fine day. Enjoy the Chorizo2 Louis…

              Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

              Cedar Swamp
              SW of Manistique, MI

              Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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                Mornin' All!

                73, headed for 78 and mostly sunny here in the northern mitten, which sounds good until you get to the 70% Hum-diddy part. Bleah!

                Jim, condolences to all. This has been a bad year for me, with seven friends or acquaintances headed west, and the ugly reality is that it is not going to get better as we continue to age. Make the most of everything, cherish your family and friends, and enjoy what you have!

                Make it a great day, All, and stay safe!

                in Michigan


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                  Good morning Crew. Jim, sorry to read about the passing of a friend.

                  Electrical issues are fixed and solved the issue of why. 16 year old son of the contractor had access to client remote logins and was “playing” around.

                  Sitting in waiting room #1 as Terry has tests today based on Monday’s test results. 1st time in the 50 years we have been together (married 46 years coming on 9/18) I have had to sit in a waiting room for her. She has sat in many though waiting for me.



                  • k9wrangler
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                    Hope the news is positive. Waiting rooms are interesting if you’re a people watcher, but no enjoyment there.

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                  If it's any consolation, it's hot in Europe, too. Weather will break Saturday, as we're leaving.

                  I've had a fair variety of chrorizo, both here and in Spain. Still a favorite sausage. Also the Portuguese Chourico...

                  Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)