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Selling A Large Train Collection, Advice...

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  • Selling A Large Train Collection, Advice...

    Hi Everyone,
    I will be selling off my father's train collection of over 50 years.
    It includes all scales, live steam and Buddy L.
    I was hoping the brain trust here might give me some advice. The cumulative knowledge must be massive (seriously).
    I have started to catalog items, but there are soooo many items!
    Some questions are, finding starting prices, valuation of more expensive items, etc.

    Thanks for any assistance,


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    My wife who is heavy into antiques, other folks junque, often uses eBay searches for SOLD items as a basis for pricing, not current listings but SOLD items give a ballpark idea on what people are buying things for. There is also a pay service called Worthpoint that will give prices on thing from a search form but you have to pay a fee, month or annual? Not sure for access.

    Jerry at Hobby Recycling in Wyoming, MI may be a source of info. He buys and resells train stuff of all sorts.
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      Might also depend on how you are going to go about selling it all off.

      Doing this yourself? Or, considering an auction service?

      Valuations - eBay Sold listings might be ballpark values.....but values are often moving targets.

      Buddy L stuff probably has collector societies out there "somewhere".
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        At this point I am planning on doing it myself.


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        Okay, then as noted below - eBay is probably your best best knowing realistic valuations and having realistic expectations of sales. Critical to know where your balance point is on everything - selling price vs. objective of making it go away vs. time & resources expended.

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      Ebay is probably the way to go. Careful contracting with an auctioneer... you can negotiate the vig if you have something substantial to sell... most auctioneers want to bang you 35% plus they will add an additional 18% buyers fee... practically making more than you. even though its your item.