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    Good morning crew, readers, and lurkers, from 65f in N.E. Indiana. The coffee urn has signaled READY with Fireman blend. The special is Ham and eggs, with Texas toast. Oatmeal pot is fresh, and all other beverages at the end of the line.

    I had an early appointment yesterday, and the 'health club' followed. High humidity kept me out of the paint booth, and by late afternoon, I was out of gas. A 4 hour nap, and the day was pretty much over.

    I'm NOT going to the health club today, but will be out in the shop mostly organizing and getting a load ready for the recycling truck tomorrow.

    Have a Super day!

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    2 cups of coffee and some jam on toast........mid-70's here and going up, up, up with weather in the afternoon.

    Official now - car shopping - $2k+ to repair the A/C in a 12 year old car.....that I just renewed the registration on........sigh.

    So that's my agenda for the day.

    Maybe if the day permits, some painting and decaling in the garage and shop, respectively.

    So it goes....
    In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.


    • BurleyJim
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      Sounds like you took the car to Rodney's Ripoff Repair Shoppe.

    • mwbpequod
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      It's not the cost of the parts; it's the cost of labor which is nutz around here no matter where you go. It's the location of the problem - entire dash has to be disasssembled where the end of the leak is located.

    • BurleyJim
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      Son in Maryland has run into the exorbitant auto repair prices as well. Dash boards aren't fun, especially air bag equipped.

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    Good morning, Jim, Martin and crew. Tidewater Virginia is going to be in the upper 80's today - back to normal.

    I have to run out to Ft Eustis this morning and deliver some crutches to my son. He injured his foot and wants to borrow them from my orthopedic closet. I offered him a walker, but he thought that would be an over kill. Between bike crashes and knee surgery, I've accumulated a nice selection of orthopedic gear. It's almost like my need to accumulate model railroad stuff.

    "Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect." Captain A. G. Lamplugh


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      Good morning Crew and Jim an excellent breakfast. I will have a plate and my diet Dr Pepper to go along with.

      I am tired of being not fully healthy. MyChart on the medical system I attend shows that I have the sub-variant 0f the Omicron virus 5. The 5 hours in Urgent Care I spent this weekend has brought the son up from Texas to keep me company. Terry says she will be back Saturday and will no longer travel without taking me along. The last 2 times she’s gone to Maui I ended up at Urgent Care.

      Sometime was spent in the train room yesterday. Details still being weathered and the 5 pieces of rolling stock are almost done.

      I spent some time looking at pictures from the new James Webb telescope up in space. While I really don’t know what I was looking at the pictures of the stars are quite striking.

      Enjoy the days


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        Good morning Jim and the rest of the crew. It is 68 degrees and heading up to 81 under sunny skies here in S.E. Michigan.

        We were just getting ready to go to bed last night when the Tornado sirens went off. A line of thunder storms was moving thru the area, but nothing touched down as far as I have heard.

        Some more outdoor work is the plan for today.



        • k9wrangler
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          I just read, Tues afternoon, that there was in fact a tornado not all that far from you, Bruce, near Fenton or Lake Fenton. “Not serious” but then tell that to the guy with the roof ripped off in the photo I saw…glad all well at DeYoung’s

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        Good morning all. Already on my second cup of coffee and had breakfast - eggs, hash browns, and veggie sausage (my attempt to be heart healthy ). Has anyone heard of what is happening with Republic Locomotive Works since Marshall died. The website is not accessible. The last I heard they were looking for someone to take over the business. It was an amazing resource, be a shame to see it go.


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          Monroe Models of St Cloud MN has purchased Republic Locomotive Works. Monroe had a notice on their website that they had acquired Republic and were processing all previous orders with the hopes of them all being filled by mid-July or so. Bruce from Monroe said he hoped to have everything up and running this Fall. I am sure Republic is in good hands. Please give him your support whenever possible.
          Mark B.


          • HurleyStation
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            Thank you. Went to the Monroe Models website and very happy to see they have picked up Republic.

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          Good morning. Thank yu for opening, Jim.

          We have 75F with mid-80s in the forecast today in West Virginia. Time to check the garden for watering needs.

          I constructed a window yesterday (12 pieces of styrene) and started a second. My magnifying glass comes in handy. Prepared some more for the guitar workshop in two weeks by practicing and listening to recordings of the music I'll be working on.

          I'm hoping to do much the same today, with the addition of a work session at the club this afternoon.

          Have a good one.



          Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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            Made it home after a three hour side trip….……….

            We had rain overnight, might have to mow the clover and buckhorn today.

            No other plans have been made for me.

            Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

            Cedar Swamp
            SW of Manistique, MI

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              Good morning Guys, and all incoming crew. Thanks for opening up the lounge Jim. Coffee, it is the best way as we all know to start off the day.

              74 degrees, and sunny here in Rhode Island at the moment. Going to get some rain this evening.

              Got a tele-com to do with he Doctor later this morning. (That's new to me). Other than what I tell them, how do they know my problem? I'm not sure what the rest of the day will bring yet. I'll have to see up comes-up.

              Everyone have a great, safe and healthy day. I'll see you all on the RR-L Forum.

              Louis L&R Western Railroad
              Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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                Mornin' All!

                High sixties, headed all the way to 72, cloudy and blowy here in the northern mitten. Nice light show well north of me last night, all headed east.

                Lou, best wishes for a great result from "the chat." That seems to be a "thing" these days, and I'd love to know how yours goes. My medicos are still seeing people FTF, so....

                In Other News, the major rail union has sent a Strike Vote ballot out to the membership; responses were due at 1000 EDT this morning. Mandatory 30 day "Cooling off" period expires 18 July, and if the membership has voted to walk, then things could get "interesting" for the rest of the summer. To add to the festivities, I understand that the truckers are not happy either....

                Make it a great day, All, and stay safe.

                in Michigan


                • BurleyJim
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                  Pothole Pete has it under control, or not.

                • Orionvp17
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                  "Or not." Vote came back 99.5% in favor of a walkout if no deal is reached....