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Premium Member

Posted - 02/23/2004 :  04:15:09 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
One of the first things that I would like to do with The Model Railroad Club Forum is to take an inventory of those who have been a Club Member at one time or another, or who are currently Club Members.

If you are a former member of a Club, please share:

1. Your most recent Club’s name and location,
2. The scale or scales it modeled,
3. The type of layout(s) (I.e. –modular, etc.) and size,
4. The era modeled and a brief description of the layout’s purpose.
5. The events your club sponsored for its members, and
6. The events your club sponsored for the public.

If you are a current member of a Club, please share in addition to the above:

7. How often your club meets,
8. The purpose for which it meets,
9. The monthly dues you pay if any, and
10. The benefits you receive from being a member, and how long you have been a member.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to this request and for your periodic updates.

MRCF Moderator
Modeling the East in the West on the Northeastern Pacific RIM, Oregon, that is!

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Premium Member

Posted - 02/23/2004 :  04:30:43 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Lessee if I can get the ball rolling:

1. I am currently a member of the Willamette Model Railroad Club in Clackamas, Oregon. We meet in the twin basements of a Community Center.
2. Our club models HO.
3. Until last July, we had a fixed layout approximately 30’ X 30’. At that time, it was dismantled and we are now in the process of excavating an adjacent basement room to more than double our layout's size.
4. Our Club models the Columbia Cascade and Western Railroad, a fictitious Line with Oregon settings. The era is open diesel with some steam, and is strongly industrial with some agriculture.
5. Events for members include Rail-Fanning trips and a yearly banquet which includes our wives. In addition, we periodically have slide shows with food.
6. Events for the public include an annual swap meet usually held at the nearby Army National Guard Armory at Camp Withycombe.
7. Club meetings are held each Thursday and usually involve work or operational sessions. Business meetings are conducted on the first Thursday of each month. We also have regularly scheduled ‘OPT ‘TIL YOU DROP’ sessions on Saturdays.
8. Our overall purpose is to build interest in MR and develop our skills. Everyone has something to contribute.
9. Our monthly dues are $15.
10. Benefits received include keys to the club to utilize the facilities for projects and/or operation at the member’s convenience. Facilities include work areas with resources and a real nice spray booth. I have been a member of my club for nearly seven years.

Modelling the East in the West!

Modeling the East in the West on the Northeastern Pacific RIM, Oregon, that is!

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Crew Chief

Posted - 02/23/2004 :  07:55:00 AM  Show Profile  Visit Will_Annand's Homepage  Reply with Quote
OK, here goes:

1. Club’s name and location, Muskoka Model Railroad Club, Bracebridge, Ontario

2. The scale or scales it modeled, HO and N scale at the club.

3. The type of layout(s) (I.e. –modular, etc.) and size, N Scale is travel layout, 8 modules total size 8x16. HO Layout was modular 12x16 with 3x21 permanent yard at club.

4. The era modeled and a brief description of the layout’s purpose. N Scale, roughly modern, purpose to look good and entertaining at shows. HO layout late steam, early deisel, supposed to be Muskoka but has some anomolies.

5. The events your club sponsored for its members, just started 2 months ago, have not heard of any.

6. The events your club sponsored for the public. Open house in May to coincide with Bracebridge's "Festival of the Falls". Also partakes in the Barrie and Midland Train Shows. Hosts a train show in August.

7. How often your club meets, meets every Wednesday night, 6:30-9:00PM

8. The purpose for which it meets, working on layouts, operations, friendship.

9. The monthly dues you pay if any, dues are $30.00 every 6 months.

10. The benefits you receive from being a member, and how long you have been a member. I have been a member for 2 months. Benefits are friendship and being able to share/gain knowledge.

Will Annand
Modeling the CVR in N Scale.

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George D

Premium Member

Posted - 03/06/2004 :  9:45:51 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
1. I'm a member of the Chesapeake Bay Railroaders.
2. HO
3. We have a large fixed two level layout in an 80'x30' building. I can post a picture of a real helix if anyone is interested,
4. We model the eastern division of a fictitious railroad, the Chesapeake Bay and Western. We don't model an era, and it can be a problem.
5. We don't sponsor events for members, just operating sessions on the layout.
6. We have two open houses a year and are involved in the Boy Scout merit badge program.
7. We meet twice a week and there's usually some guys at the club Sunday afternoon running trains.
8. Tuesday for work, Thursday for operations.
9. $25.00
10. Voting rights at business meetings and a key to the building, so you can come in and work or run trains at any time. I've been a member for 10 years.


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New Hire

Posted - 04/13/2004 :  6:36:47 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
In response to your survey questions:

1. Boothe memorial Railway Society, Stratford, CT
2 & 3. Four layouts: G-scale [around the wall], O-Scale [Lionel island], HO-scale [island], N-Scale [N portable table]
4. No special era. Operate as a non-profit museum
5 & 6. Not yet open to the public
7. Monthly meeting & 2 evenings/week building sessions.

DETAILS ON CLUB WEBSITE: http://boothemrs.tripod.com/

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New Hire

Posted - 06/22/2004 :  9:15:54 PM  Show Profile  Visit upguy's Homepage  Reply with Quote
1. I am currently a member of the Canyon Mountain N-gineers in Canyon City, Oregon. We meet at the Train Barn in Canyon City on Monday nights 7-9 and Sunday afternoons 2:30-6:00.
2. Our club is in the process of constructing a modular N-scale layout which we hope to take to railroad shows.
3. The present configuration of the 12-module layout is 16 feet by 16 feet. The layout will by operated with DCC and it will by a cross between TwiN trak and N-trak.
4. Our Club hasn't decided on any name for the railroad. At this time it is free lance--a "build whatever suits you" kind of railroad set in a mostly modern era. It has a mixture of industrial and scenery modules.

5. For the members we have provided module building activities that take up a lot of their free time.
6. We are currently planning a Train Festival (Fair) to be held in John Day, Oregon, over the Labor Day weekend. It will consist of a swap meet, layout and historical displays, clinics, door prizes, etc. for Saturday; a bus tour to Sumpter and train ride on the Sumpter Valley Railway on Sunday; and an open house at the Train Barn in Canyon City on Monday morning.
7. Club business meetings are usually held once a month. The other times we have work or operating sessions (once the railroad is operational).
8. Our overall purpose is to build interest in MR and develop our skills. Everyone has something to contribute.
9. Our monthly dues are $5/month or $50.00 per year if paid in full by the 1st of June.
10. The benefits of the dues, at this time, are primarily to get the club going and on a sound financial footing. The club has only been in existance since March, 2004, although we had been working informally for some time before then.
Here is a picture from another of our modules. I call this the Wa-cha-kal-it Falls module.

[url=http://www.facebook.com/pages/Canyon-City-OR/Train-Barn-Home-of-the-Oregon-Western-Lines/105403896170065?v=wall]Train Barn Facebook Page[/url]

Edited by - upguy on 06/22/2004 9:27:43 PM

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Posted - 06/22/2004 :  10:30:20 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hey Allen:
Here's one for this poll. There is NO model railroad club in Charlotte. You'de think that with this city that was once one of the BIG transfer points for 18-wheelers etc. that they would be big on transportation. BRAAAAK!!! Wrong. They are now toying with light rail and I mean TOYING. What a disaster. Two years and 1/2 mile of track laid. This has become the biggest political football since I don't know when. Oh, there are several MRR clubs in NC but all within three or four hours drive from here. There was a club in Rock Hill SC (20 miles away) but they folded after they lost their building. Absolutely NO interest either as far as I can determine. No socialization. I think that even the NRHS chapter gave up after NS cancelled their steam program. What a bummer!!! Soooo, I just sit in my little garage and do my thing. The last time I even SAW a model railroader was when Chuck visited me a while ago. What really threw me a curve ball was this train show we had up in Concord last week-end. Hundreds of people there all busily looking and buying things.

Before we moved here, I wrote to the three outfits (LHS's)that posted ads in MR as selling MRR equipment. I asked about the local MRR clubs. What did I get in reply? (0) Nada. Zip, Nichs, Nothing. When I came here I saw why. One was more interested in R/C planes, cars and helos (that's where the money is), one was totally dis-interested in anything and the third was not interested unless you had BIG bucks to spend (mostly Lionel). The only decent hobby shop is in Spencer (hour drive one way so you've got to be desperate or highly motivated to go there) The only alternative I have is mail-order and the LHS owners want to know why mail-order and e-mail is succeeding??? Give me a break. Okay, no more ranting (foaming) or whatever. I'm going to bed.



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New Hire

Posted - 03/09/2005 :  7:17:40 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

1 The name of the club is The Providence Northern Model RR Club, and we are located in Providence R.I.
2 The scale is HO
3 The size is 45 feet by 90 feet +/= and it represents (modeled portion) a mainline RR between Providence RI and Montreal Can. with a brachline to St Johsbury Vt. Staging yards represent the outside world.
4 The era is modern
5 Sponsored events for members are operating sessions monthly and clinics on occasions.
6 Sponsored events for the public are open houses 3 weekends around Christmas. These are to raise money as well as invite the general public to see the layout.
7 The club meets officially on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. The second Tuesday is a business meeting and the last Saturday an operating session. Other times we work on the layout, run trains, have committee meetings or BS.
8 See above for the purpose of the meetings.
9 The monthly dues are $25
10 The benefits are having a huge layout to use 24/7 since we have unlimited access. Also making friends with your fellow modelers and exchanging ideas.

Also our club is totally DCC and has been in existence about 11 years. There are also some problems with being a member of a club with 50 plus members, due to the politics, and one must weigh that against the benefits. If you do not have a home layout then belonging to a club is almost a necessity unless you want a static display.

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New Hire

Posted - 03/09/2005 :  8:52:12 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I belong to the Boothe Memorial Railway Society (BMRS), located in our own building in Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford, Connecticut. I currently serve as Secretary, N-Scale Chairman, and Webmaster.

Our Website is: http://boothemrs.tripod.com

and E-Mail Address is: boothemrs@yahoo.com


1. CLUB NAME: Boothe Memorial Railway Society

2. SCALES: G, O (3-rail), HO, & N

3. LAYOUT TYPES: G (around the wall overhead),
O (island), HO (island), N (portable table)

4. ERA: Freelance modeling
PURPOSE: To promote an interest in model trains and railroad history, through educational projects, community outreach, and fellowship among members, thus expanding the growth and enjoyment of the hobby, and appreciation of railroad history.

5. & 6. EVENTS: We are still in the construction phase and are not open to the public as yet.

7. & 8. MEETINGS:
Monthly Formal Meetings:
1st Wednesday of each month - visitors welcome
WEEKLY WORK SESSIONS: every Wednesday & most Thursdays.

9. YEARLY DUES: Nominal [less than $25/year] We currently depend mainly on contributions.

10. BENEFITS: See 4. PURPOSE above.
MY MEMBERSHIP: Approx. 2 years

This is an expanded reply since my last reply of 4/13/2004.

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Section Hand

Posted - 07/30/2005 :  4:23:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Guys!

1. I am a founding member of the Milwaukee Fallen Flags MRR Club. We all met each other on another forum and got together here in Milwaukee to form the club.
2. We model HO Scale.
3. We have a modular DCC layout, with 12 2'x4' double tracked modules and 3 corners modules, the 4th one being under construction.
4. We model a generic midwest, Wisconsin look, running trains from various eras, from Steam to Modern.
5. We have given small clinics to each other on various topics, including making rock molds, DCC, weathering, etc.
6. We will be showing the layout in public for the first time later this year, so I hope we finish it (enough).
7. Every other week, we round robin at a member's house.
8. Fun! Fun! and Fun!
9. No dues. No rules. No hassles. Hosting member provides sodas and snacks.
10. Club is just over one year old, and the benefits are many, but most of all, motivation to have something to show when my turn comes up to host.

Paul August

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 07/31/2005 :  4:22:10 PM  Show Profile  Visit ncng's Homepage  Reply with Quote
1. Club’s name: Lewis County Model Railroad Club, Chehalis WA.
2. The scale modeled: HO
3. The type of layout(s) (I.e. –modular, etc.) and size: Fixed 36' x 14'
4. The era modeled and a brief description of the layout’s purpose: From then to now. Depict railroading in Lewis County.
5. The events your club sponsored for its members: None to date.
6. The events your club sponsored for the public: None to date.

7. How often your club meets: Weekly, Fridays 6:30-9:00.
8. The purpose for which it meets: Construct layout.
9. The monthly dues you pay if any: $10
10. The benefits you receive from being a member, and how long you have been a member: Club formed February of this year. One of 4 founding members. Another place to run trains.

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Jerry M

Posted - 08/01/2005 :  12:52:33 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hey JR, I can relate, that's the good thing about this forum, this area of Or. is the same, no LHS, 60 miles to Eugene the only club I know of, and there is RR history all over here, short lines, Coos Bay RR etc. I have lived here four years and met only a few MRR's and they are not active, just armchairers. I grew up in Chicago and clubs were plentiful and layouts as well. Don't miss the weather but modeling was great. I am going to look into the Eugene club and maybe make the trip once a week or so, but at 2.70 a gallon and a pickup I hate to travel that far....Jerry

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jim in Oregon
Section Hand

Posted - 02/04/2006 :  4:22:58 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My 12 year old son, Caleb, and I are relatively new members of the Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club.
We have attended their month long 'open housees' for ten or more years and when he was 12, he was eligable to join as a Junior member.

We have modeled 'N' scale here at home for about 6 years, but membership in the club offered us the opportunity to learn from a diverse membership of over 100 members(ages 12-85, men and women) and operate, work on the layout..which ALWAYS has something under construction-improvement.
The site link tells alot about the history and functions of the club and has some pics of the layout..and a virtual tour..
The scale is HO and tho we do run trains such as Thomas, Acelas and more modern roads during show and on our own, the layout is set in the 40-50's era when steam and diesel were both used..


We meet each Tuesday at 7:00 PM and also operate and work many saturdays, sunday afternoons and whenever a member wishes, he can go down and operate,work, use the library, kit bash, work on lanscape, use the standards bench for repairs, coupler and car adjustments..Lots of varied activities and a really good crew of folks..Jim

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Crew Chief

Premium Member

Posted - 02/05/2006 :  11:25:32 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Name and location: 4D-Ntrak, greater Seattle area (Washington state, USA)
Scale: N scale
Type and size: Modular layout based on N-Trak standard. Current membership is about 10 members with about 30 modules total with a club owned yard
Era and purpose: Originally we set out to model the Pacific Northwest. The purpose was simply general railroading. We were shooting for all scenery to be modeled using fall colors. However as new members joined (who already had modules of their own) we now have modules covering all seasons. We do not model any particular era.
Member events:(none - yet)
Public events: Currently we do not sponsor events. We are concentrating on building our membership so we have enough man power to sponsor events. We are sponsored by the local NMRA division and participate in all events sponsored by that group (plus a few sponsored by other RR clubs and communities)
Meet: How Often:Once a month - 9 months a year
Meet: Purpose: Work sessions and pre-show planning
Monthly Dues: None. The only requirement we have for membership is that everyone is a current member of the NMRA
Benefits: I am the founder of the group which is now just over 4 years old. We did our first show four years ago and we had 6 modules (4 corners and two straights). We are now up to 30 modules and a club owned yard all operated via a club owned DCC system. We do four shows a year (at least). Our mission is to promote the hobby and help promote N scale as a viable scale to model within the hobby. While some folks do not like the idea of a layout that does not have a common theme or era, we found it was too restricting and were having trouble finding members. Since we have lifted the restrictions we have had a number of new members join the group. Typically we attend two kinds of shows, those attended by model railroaders and those where the bulk of the crowd is "the general public". Our layout has a lot of bells and whistles (lots of animation and flashing lights) and we have a number of "treasure hunts" across the layout to help keep the general public interested while viewing. A few of us also focus on finescale modeling and we like to engage the more hardcore railroaders. Over all, there are no specific benefits we offer as a club. It is really about the friendships we make and promoting the hobby for us. Pretty much anything goes on our layout. We have orchards, UFOs (movie set), a town, desert and mountains. We even have one module that looks like the moon (built by one of our youngest members - 12 years old). While many folks would say that is outrageous, when you see the comic book cover art he used as the basis for the module, and the hand carved rocket he has on the module you realize the level of workmanship that went into the project. I have no problem including that project in our layout if it encourages some younger folks to develop those skills and get interested in our hobby. In fact our two youngest members (aged 8 and 12)attract a lot of attention at shows running around in their club shirts running trains - a lot of kids stop and ask them questions - hmmmm, that is exactly why I started this group.

Dave K in NB

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Bob Hughes
New Hire

Posted - 08/08/2006 :  4:17:30 PM  Show Profile  Visit Bob Hughes's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Cheshire Railway Modellers
1. Based in Cheshire, UK. But open to all.
2. We are an on-line club, there are no club layouts but our members model in various scales from N to G.
3. Several of our members have portable layouts available for exhibition in the UK.
4. Various periods are modelled, from the 1830's to the present day.
5. The club maintains an on-line "virtual model railway exhibition" of the members' layouts and organises trips to exhibitions.
6. As yet we have not staged a conventional exhibition of our own as we have only been up and running for just under a year.
7. The club meets on-line whenever the members are logged in!
8. Activities include advertising shows at which our members are exhibiting their layouts and maintaining a calendar of local events.
9. There are no fees, we are on-line using free internet services so there are minimal expenses incurred in running the club.
10. Benefits of membership include the publicity for layouts available for shows and the sharing of advice and ideas. I have been a member since the club was formed in 2005.
For further details please visit our website www.freewebs.com/cheshirerailwaymodellers

Bob Hughes
CM&EE Blackcloud Railways

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New Hire

Posted - 09/22/2006 :  11:32:33 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Former Club:
Northwest Crossing Model RR Club, Houston, Texas
HO, N, Z and Roler Coaster Divisions
All eras, sets up layouts for train shows, model rr week, Christmas, Fathers Day, usually for public viewing.
Club has monthly meetings and an annual Christmas Party
Model Railroad layouts in local malls for special events

Current Club
Petticoat Junction Model Railroad Fellowship, Tomball Texas
Meets at a local resturant for dinner and conversation about trains and other stuff. Often the meeting includes "show and tell" of an on going project, or an invitation to visit one of the members home layout.
PJMRRF does not have any dues, officers or bylaws. There are 2 rules. 1. You must like trains, and 2. you must like good BBQ.
The fellowship has sponsered a mini train show at the resturant for the last two years, and we pass out tickets to the other diners to try and interest more folks in our great hobby.
Five local modelers started the group two years ago, and we now have about 45 members. The main benifit that we get from our membership is getting to associate with a great group of people, most of whom are also great modelers.

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