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Posted - 02/18/2021 :  07:45:50 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning all from 15f and snowing in N.E.Indiana. Just heard the State snow plow running down the road. The coffee urn has signaled READY with Boilermaker blend today. The special is #1. All other beverages and the oatmeal pot at the end of the line.

Part of my parts order showed up yesterday, with a key part still on the way. So the Challenge project is slowly moving forward. That was about the extent of modeling time yesterday. I did get the frozen food back into the defrosted freezer, which was a chore that is back breaking, but in the rear view mirror for the next 2 years.

That mess down in Texas looks like a winter version of Katrina. Lots of finger pointing, but not much help for the folks affected.

I've got another appointment in a little while so I better get going, as the snow is still falling.

Have a Super day! Virtual hug for Texans.


Take the red pill

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Michael Hohn

Posted - 02/18/2021 :  08:34:52 AM  Show Profile  Visit Michael Hohn's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Good morning, crew. 27F and snowing in northern West Virginia. We’re going to get about half a foot of the white stuff. I figure it’s coming from Michigan.

Snow plows have been by our house a couple times already. Roads don’t look too bad. I agreed to meet a club member at our new location to give a hand in a little while.

Track ballasting started up again yesterday on the final section of my layout. That is, until I decide to change things around.

Have a nice day everyone!


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George D

Premium Member

Posted - 02/18/2021 :  08:43:14 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
A chilly wet good morning from Tidewater Virginia. We're east of the white stuff, so no complaints.

Thanks for opening, Jim. I'm waiting for some magnets for my switching layout. I'll be using them for uncoupling. The whole thing will be reversible if it doesn't work out as planned.

Have a good day.

Fly Army

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Premium Member

Posted - 02/18/2021 :  08:44:50 AM  Show Profile  Visit TomPM's Homepage  Send TomPM a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Good morning folks

It is 23 and the snow is falling. High will be 29. We are in a Winter Storm Warning until 10 AM tomorrow. Predictions are varied as to how much we will get. 3 to 6 seems to be the most common although a few are saying 9 inches.

I pretty much finished the frame for the layout widening on the first board. Now onto removing the pink foam from the second board.

Went to Home Depot to grab some more lumber. I hope I have enough.

I hope everybody has a good day.

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Posted - 02/18/2021 :  08:52:09 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We're not getting much snow and mainly a day of sleet and freezing rain -- ice & more ice! So tired of ice and no snow,

Oh well, a day in the home office working on the publications and some puttering in the shop before retiring to the recliner, a book, a hot beverage, and fire in the fireplace.

In a time like ours seemings and portents signify. Ours is a generation when dogs howl and the skin crawls on the skull with its beast's foreboding.

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Premium Member

Posted - 02/18/2021 :  08:54:40 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning to the entire crew. It is 15 degrees with light snow falling at the moment in S.E. Michigan.

An errand or two this morning, and then modeling time this afternoon. I will put the finishing touches on Kate's Kitchen first and then back to the barn build that will be called Lily's Livery. Those two will finish up my "Grandchild Builds". I can then get started on the Great Grandchild builds.

More work on the new clinic this evening.

Have a great day!


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Premium Member

Posted - 02/18/2021 :  08:59:18 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have instructed my wife "If I die while on the phone trying to navigate a voice response system, you are required to sue them." Gawd, I hate those, they're so blankety-blank inefficient! (And in this case, I have to use the phone system because their website is also broken... You'd think CVS would be better at this...)

Anyway, once I calm down, geology class and then some more work on the layout. I have a couple different projects, including some scenery, the store that I posted yesterday, and finishing the lighting in the switcher shack.


Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)

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Premium Member

Posted - 02/18/2021 :  09:08:31 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning Jim and Crew from Wisconsin. This is the warmest morning in a few weeks at +14f and +7 wind chill. Very overcast and the possibility of no snow till next week has changed. We have a possibility of “plowable” snow of over 50% this afternoon. The oatmeal for me today.

My son in Austin, Texas got his electricity back yesterday and it took his house 90 minutes to go from 30 to 70 degrees and then around noon the water stopped. Turns out the water utility had no power and no backup systems. Then around 6 last night the sewage commission sent out emails pleading not to use the toilets as the sewage plant also had no power and sewage was going to freeze in the sewer mains and possible in your house. What a mess! I have not heard from him since 10 last night. More crummy weather for an unprepared State for Winter weather. Understandable as this is not normal for them but not to have back up systems for power is unforgivable IMO. I called our alderperson yesterday asking him if our sewer system and water systems have power backup. He will contact me back. Funny though, I am mostly off grid. We have a connection to the power grid but rarely do we use it. The natural gas is our only daily used utility as Terry disliked the electric stoves in the last house. Sewer is septic tank and water is from wells on property.

I put the ladders, cages and landings together for the grain bins and lost interest. I hope to apply them to the bins today. I have been acquiring rolling stock from other friends free lance Railroads and got 4 cars yesterday from a friend in Fort Worth. More rolling stock for paper rolls from the paper mill.

Enjoy your day.

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Posted - 02/18/2021 :  10:20:21 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hazy sun and much warmer, relatively, this morning at Southern Command. We're going to miss our frequent and enjoyable visits from EIB Southern Command. Was introduced by my late ex step Father in Law a silver star awarded WW-II vet over 30 years ago. He's gone now, too.

I was flumoxed this morning seeing the heading "Thursday Lounge" seemingly having my needle jump ahead two days. Sort of like the back and forth trips thru out the house wondering why I walked down there....good way to get steps on the Fit-Bit. Saturday can wait.

The snow here has settled down, while the WVa snow may be from here, it's worked it's way a bit farther S and is still inundating from just the Southern border of MI down thru IN, OH and WVa according to this morning's weather forecast. It does seem that my wireless mouse has frozen it's tail. The folks up by our place say that the driveway is cleared out after getting stuck a couple of times. Electricity still working fine. We, like TomO, have our own septic system up there and our power is underground. Our well is free flowing.

Time to toss a pancake on the griddle, not quite in the mood for oat goo this morning.

Everyone have a fine day, warm, dry and safe.

Mega Dittos

Karl Scribner
Manistique, Michigan

Edited by - k9wrangler on 02/18/2021 10:53:23 AM

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Posted - 02/18/2021 :  10:21:38 AM  Show Profile  Visit wvrr's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Good morning folks. Taking a break in between projects for the next few days. I just posted my last project in my thread. After that one, I think I deserve a little break.

I have to do a more thorough review of my clinic I will be presenting Saturday. A couple dry runs for myself to make sure I am ready. Bruce and I are giving clinics to the NMRA Western New York Division during their virtual meet. It should be fun.

My sister in Texas has not reported any issues in her town. What a mess. It is snowing in NJ, now. We are supposed to get 3-6 according to the news last night. Great.


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Premium Member

Posted - 02/18/2021 :  1:34:39 PM  Show Profile  Visit jbvb's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Good afternoon, all. No more modeling last night as I replaced my fruit phone's battery instead. Then food shopping this morning, a little bookkeeping after lunch, then back to the attic. The NH seacoast is overcast and a little below freezing now, but snow will start after dinner. They're saying 2-6 inches by dinnertime Friday.

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Premium Member

Posted - 02/18/2021 :  8:30:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We got a call tonight, offering us Covid vaccines this weekend. Apparently NH got some unexpected supplies so they're accelerating those who were at the end of the list.


Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)

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Premium Member

Posted - 02/18/2021 :  10:38:02 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Dave, glad for you on the vaccine. Mine was cancelled again and this time to March 28. Maybe you got Wisconsin’s missing shipments!


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