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Posted - 10/16/2020 :  07:48:47 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning all! 33f and clear in N.E.Indiana.The coffee urn has signaled READY with Sunshine Special blend. Today's special is the Ham, egg, cheese, and potato casserole. It's not healthy, but great tasting! A little Louisiana hot sauce, kicks it up a notch. All other beverages are at the end of the serving line along with the oatmeal pot.

I made some more detail part for the station yesterday and had to run out and buy a new mouse. The old mouse died in the middle of a drawing. The LED was lit, but the detector wasn't outputting a signal. It has to be 10-12 years old.

After a brief the service the mouse will meet the roundfile.

Have a Super day!


Take the red pill

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Posted - 10/16/2020 :  08:36:33 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning Jim and the rest of the crew. There is frost on the pumpkins here in S.E. Michigan. Weather with lows in the 30's and highs in the low 50's is on tap for the next week.

It is time to put the hose adapter on my mowing deck so that I can hook up the leaf vac to the tractor.

Ah, Victor mouse traps, Jim. Still the best in my humble opinion.

Have a great day!


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Posted - 10/16/2020 :  09:18:48 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Upright and it's raining.......pancakes, coffee, Advil and back to bed.........

No trees were harmed in the creation of this post, but several million electrons were mildly inconvenienced.

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Rusty Stumps

Posted - 10/16/2020 :  09:36:00 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning Jim, Bruce,Martin and the rest of the RR-L Crew. COLD here this morning. First freeze of the fall. Oh Joy!

Busy converting a number of cast resin detail parts to 3D printed. I'm also including N, S and O scale as well as the HO. Not sure who may be interested but they will be there.

Had my blood drawn yesterday at the Cancer Center and got the results back this morning. Doesn't look off to me but I'll find out next Thursday when I see the Oncologist.

Well, need to load some boxes of hardwood flooring to return to Menard's. Finally all that is done and hopefully no more large scale remodeling projects for us.

Everyone have A Fun day in the COLD Train Yard. Well, at least it's sunny here.


In the Crossroads of America.

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Premium Member

Posted - 10/16/2020 :  10:04:25 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning Crew. A great breakfast Jim, thanks. It is still in the 30ís and the high may get to 54f as it is very sunny. Frost is predicted tonight. Other then PT today I have nothing scheduled.

Enjoy your day

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Michael Hohn

Posted - 10/16/2020 :  10:05:31 AM  Show Profile  Visit Michael Hohn's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Good morning, crew!

A chilly, rainy day and 40ís in Mill Creek WV. It might be pretty outside but itís warmer inside.

Weíre heading back home after a nice visit. Yesterday we walked around a lot identifying trees on the property and in town. Wonít be much of that today. Driving a couple of hours instead.

Have a nice day everyone!


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Premium Member

Posted - 10/16/2020 :  10:34:19 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Mornin, All!

"Unsettled" here in the northern mitten today. 41, feels like 35, blue sky here, black clouds with pouring rain there, lots of "meh" in between and so on. Saw two pickups in town yesterday with plows mounted up. WWs are using the "s" word for the weekend, more for inland than for here, but still.... Weather predictions for "La NiŮa" indicate more snow than usual this winter. Wheee.... And the first of the ads for Christmas music just appeared in the e-mail feed. Whoopee....

Lots of bills to pay today, then perhaps some bench time. Biggest issue there is which project on which to attempt to proceed.

Heal quickly, Martin!

Make it a great day, All, and stay safe. I gotta go pay bils.

in Michigan

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Premium Member

Posted - 10/16/2020 :  10:47:02 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Orionvp17
[br And the first of the ads for Christmas music just appeared in the e-mail feed. Whoopee....

Okay, I will admit that I have had my Christmas song play list from YouTube playing in the basement as I have been working there. It is like 'comfort food' to me.

Speaking of YouTube, they sent me a digital "Congratulations" certificate for reaching my 500th 'follower' on my YouTube Channel.

Martin, I hope that you feel better soon!


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Posted - 10/16/2020 :  10:53:50 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Sunny and COLD in mid Michigan this Morning. Just dropped the Doll off at the Doctorís office. Has an itchy spot and* thinks she might have shingles. Sheís uptight about the UP house, the election bs and a myriad of things. Already stressing over oncoming winter and long dark nights and grey days. Enjoyed the UP too much this summer. Bob the builderís called already said itís snowing up there. I think heís realizing heís paying for his early summer foot dragging. Told the Doll we should offer to pay him off and finish it ourselves and see what he says. Iím afraid heíd take us up on it.

This doc visit is nuts, the office is next to the local hospital and you have to go thru screening at a pop up tent in front to get in. Thatís going to be a joke come steady cold weather. Of course after the election.....

I worked more on the caboo$e yesterday. Impulsive dumb purchase.

Might take a ride today as itís purdy out and too cold to work. My Dad would have been 108 today. Boy he sure loved trains. Gone 18yrs now plus 6-8 yrs of not really being ďhereĒ.

Victor traps, Lititz, PA. Cute little town deep in Amish country. Passed thru there 30+ years ago. Iíd driven our Fire Deptís ladder truck out there for a rebuild. Most miserable ride Iíve ever taken. Fire rigs are not made for road trips. Bounciest ride, my ribs hurt for a month afterwards. Was neat to see that area. It was this time of the year and dazzlingly beautiful.

Everyone have a good day. Be well.

*Yep, shingles....early, Doc says good she came in.

Karl Scribner
Sunfield Twp. Michigan
Kentucky Southern Railway
The Spartan Line

Edited by - k9wrangler on 10/16/2020 4:31:06 PM

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George D

Premium Member

Posted - 10/16/2020 :  11:41:39 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning, Jim and crew. It's a wet day in Tidewater Virginia. Good weather to go out and buy some necessities like hardware for my switching layout and beer.

I hope you're feeling better, Martin.

Have a good day.

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Premium Member

Posted - 10/16/2020 :  11:53:49 AM  Show Profile  Visit TomPM's Homepage  Send TomPM a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Good morning folks

It is a rainy 50. They say it will top out at 63. It is one of those cold rains.

After I dropped my son off, I went to Kohlís to pick up an online order. Then went across the big macadam space to Boscovís Department Store. The wife wants a new dustpan and brush. She wants the one with the long handle. I bought one only to find out at home the dustpan does not have a handle.

Getting out of the parking lot was a chore. I am on the loop road and some boomer princess pulls out of the parking area without looking. I slammed the brakes on and swerved barely missing her and almost hitting the guide rail. The guy coming the other way almost T-boned her, but he missed and wound up on an island. She stopped and gave both of us a dirty look and then merrily continued on her way.

Got home and discovered we are out of blue and red ink. Headed to Staples and found out they have a company shortage of blue and yellow. At home I checked Micro Center, Amazon, Office Depot, Walmart, Best Buys, and Target. They all were out of it. I even went to HPís online store and found nothing. I finally found it on eBay. Ironically, the combo pack was in stock at HPís eBay Store.

After dinner I took the wife to drop off her ballot. Now both her and I have voted.

No trains last night. I am hoping for tonight.

Lititz, PA, been through there a few times. My wife has family in the area. I would love to see their Winter Fest; I think that is what they call it.

Karl your fire truck story reminds me of a family tale. My father and a couple of good and lifelong family friends took the SM Vauclain Fire Co pumper from Lieperville, PA to State College, PA to get a closed cab put on it. I think this was back in the fifties. I asked why my father went since he could not drive. He was electrocuted while working on a gantry crane in Baldwins Locomotive Works. As a result, his nervous system was fouled up and his arms and legs shook continuously. I was told he was there to keep everybody awake, and in charge of the maps, obtaining and keeping cold the supply of beer. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was 10 so I never heard his version of the story, only my momís and the family friends.

I hope everybody has a good day.

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Posted - 10/16/2020 :  1:53:58 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Martin, I hope that you feel better soon!

Worse part of this has been getting the bandaging off!

No trees were harmed in the creation of this post, but several million electrons were mildly inconvenienced.

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