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 Tuesday morning lounge
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Posted - 09/22/2020 :  08:20:10 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning crew, readers, lurkers, and guests on this first day of Fall 2020! Let the modeling season begin. We need coffee to get in the mood, so the coffee urn has signaled READY with Getoffyerduff Blend. The special is #1 on the menu. All other beverages at the end of the serving line with the oatmeal pot.

I mowed about 3 acres yesterday, and the joint looks ready to sell. That's not going to happen, but it sounds good. I made a few more Carbon Fiber throttle holders for my friends layout, and I'm meeting him for lunch.

While I was up by the road on the orange goat yesterday, A long caravan of State troopers, Oversize Load vehicles, and 3 of those huge ugly wind generator fan blades went by at about 20mph. A lot of taxpayer money going down the road. A million dollar tax rebate for an asset with a 7 year life expectancy. Very inefficient and the decommissioning expenses thrown back on the community. Much like the Oil Tycoons of the 1800's, serious kickbacks.

I worked on my little scratchbuild project in the evening. Low budget!

Have a Super day!

Take the red pill

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Posted - 09/22/2020 :  08:48:18 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning Jim and the rest of the crew. It is 50 degrees under sunny skies here in S.E. Michigan. We should get up near 70 later today.

This morning we have to meet with our Auto Insurance Agent. We will be making some changes to the policy under the new Auto Insurance Reform Bill that passed here and save $600 per year.

Will probably mow the lawn this afternoon.


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Posted - 09/22/2020 :  09:03:22 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning Jim and the Crew. Thanks for opening and the #1 breakfast. If you use a forced air furnace to heat your home it is time to change your filters. Have a great day.


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Posted - 09/22/2020 :  09:28:05 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Sunny and moderate temps on tap for today.

Jim, those miserable view destruction devices have been a real pandemic here in Michigan, spreading like wildfires in Cal. Over a dozen bigger and taller and closer have mushroomed up in the lower portion of the Garden peninsula SW of where we're building. The peninsula is split by two counties and the one we are in forbade them in what was strong terms before our arrival. There are dozens along the roadway on our trips up and down the state and in addition to being nauseatingly unsightly, they are a terrible distraction for drivers. They kill dozens of birds and those near them say they have a steady droning noise that is maddening. Around here in Southern MI thousands of acres of prime farm land are being "paved over" by solar panels. They're not as unsightly but take many more acres of farm land out of operation while the 'ugly sticks' can be farmed around.

Talked a lot about my recertification last friday, here is a shot of my target, thanks to RickS from Geezer's:

I shot using my Glock 23, a 40 caliber handgun, the same model I used as a duty carry the last several years of my career. My qualification scores increased dramatically when we converted over to the semi-automatic firearms. I regularly shot "Distinguished Expert" with the Glock. The model 23 is slightly smaller, had 13 round mags vs 17 for the G-17.

More yard work on tap for today, at a slow pace. Weather has been nice.

Sorry we're not at the UP site, the builder called all flustered this morning, likened it to a "cluster-****" with his truck, 3 trucks from electrical contractor and 1 from the power company, moving meter from temporary mast to the house. To add to it the well driller is due to be setting up to drill the well today, he had at least 2 really big trucks in his entourage. Like to pull up a chair and sit back and count "F" bombs as they fill the air.

Everyone have a good day, First day of Fall, careful on the roads going E-W as the sun will be a killer. BTW skeeter spraying is going on in many area counties as the horse disease, no spell check on this box so I won't endeavor to write it out, continues to increase.

Later all.

LOL the builder is still sputtering, the well drillers showed up with 4 trucks...

Karl Scribner
Sunfield Twp. Michigan
Kentucky Southern Railway
The Spartan Line

Edited by - k9wrangler on 09/22/2020 12:58:33 PM

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George D

Premium Member

Posted - 09/22/2020 :  10:55:32 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning, Jim and crew, It's another beautiful day in Tidewater Virginia. I've started the day with a haircut, which may be the most exciting thing I do all day.

I'm rewiring my switching layout in fits and starts. Hopefully that will be done today. I'm also working on designing legs to hold the layout.

Have a good day.

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Posted - 09/22/2020 :  11:03:51 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Karl, tailings from drilling the well make great ground cover!

I posted an update on my small office over in the Mike Chambers memorial.


Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)

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Posted - 09/22/2020 :  11:41:41 AM  Show Profile  Visit TomPM's Homepage  Send TomPM a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Good morning folks

It is 61 an going to 72. A nice cool day for the first day of autumn.

I finished patching the bedroom wall. I even got to the repaint it. Now can move on the front wall. The front wall has only a couple of small areas unlike the huge areas on the other wall. I am trying to take it easy today to give my back a rest.

No modeling last night. I wanted to get that wall done.

Today I hope to get down to the workbench and figure out what to tackle next.

I hope everybody has a good day.

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