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 World's Easiest HO Craftsman Kit
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Crew Chief

Posted - 06/05/2020 :  2:30:30 PM  Show Profile  Visit darrylhuffman's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I enjoyed building in O scale for decades as it allowed me to easily build a model board by board. Now that I model in HO, I am always looking for kits that give the impression of a board by board build.

I recently found a great kit from a new manufacturer. This is the easiest wood kit I have every built. Here is a photo of the finished model.

This great kit is can be found online at:


The best part is this kit sells for only $16.95. A great bargain. I ordered 6 more right away.

This photo shows what comes in the kit.

This closeup view shows one of the excellent laser cut pieces. Great detail giving the look of individual boards.

I began my model by using some scraps of stripwood to reinforce the floor to make sure it remains level and to elevate it slightly to allow for scenery.

I then marked the floor with a sharp pencil to show the sheets of plywood the prototype probably used. If you prefer, you can apply individual strips of stripwood to shown a board by board floor.

I then glued one of the end walls directly to the floor, taking care to make sure it is vertical and at the edge of the floor.

I then let this piece dry completely. Actually, the majority of the time spent in building this model was simply waiting for glue to dry.

I use Canopy Glue for all my wood to wood bonds. It has a slight "grab" when it is first applied which helps me keep things in alignment.

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Crew Chief

Posted - 06/06/2020 :  01:56:49 AM  Show Profile  Visit darrylhuffman's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Next I glued the two side walls in place.

The next step is to glue the other end wall in place and then the two interior walls.

I used a piece of paper to mark where the rafters would sit on the exterior walls.

I then transferred the marks to the ridge beam. The ridge beam included will work fine but you will need to enlarge the space at the top of each rafter to allow the ridge beam to kit. I used a strip of HO scale 4 by 8 stripwood for my ridge beam.

After the ridge beam has been glued in place, I then stacked the rafters on one end and proceeded to glue them in place.

With the rafters glued in place the kit is finished and ready for more details to be added.

The kit manufacturer offers this same kit in a two story version.

This model can easily be a free standing new home under construction.

Or two of them can be combined to make a longer building.

I will put one of the kits on the side of an existing structure to show the business is expanding.

By building a false front on one end, this can be a false front building under construction in a mining town.

The end pieces have the rafters already mounted, but you can easily slice off the rafter to show the building at an earlier stage of construction.

You can also stop at any point in construction and that will show the building at that point of construction.

They are building a new subdivision behind my house. They have 4 or 5 new homes under construction with each home at a different point in construction.

This open framework could also have a decaying roof on it and weathered boards hanging on the sides.

Woodland Scenics makes a nice set of carpenters that would look good inside this building.

I'm sure you will think of other good uses for this $16.95 wood kit.

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Section Hand

Posted - 06/07/2020 :  2:06:26 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
If the window openings were sized to Grandt line's it would be a great start to making company hopes on the cheap.

Country: USA | Posts: 79 Go to Top of Page


Posted - 06/07/2020 :  2:18:08 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Darryl, now that you have discovered the world's easiest craftsman kit.
I think you should now find the hardest craftsman kit in the world.

Greg Shinnie

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Crew Chief

Posted - 06/07/2020 :  3:24:11 PM  Show Profile  Visit darrylhuffman's Homepage  Reply with Quote

Good idea.

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Crew Chief

Posted - 06/07/2020 :  3:29:58 PM  Show Profile  Visit darrylhuffman's Homepage  Reply with Quote

I appreciate the time and energy that any kit manufacturer puts into a new kit.

I'm amazed that they all don't give a sample kit to a friend to build before releasing them to the public.

I have learned that some manufacturers make the kit and give it to someone to build and write the instructions for it as well.

There are a few kits which are well known as being hard to build.

But I don't want to evoke wrath from anyone so I won't name names.

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Premium Member

Posted - 06/07/2020 :  6:04:49 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Very nice Darryl'.. I just ordered one in O sale... Lots of potential'....


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Crew Chief

Posted - 06/09/2020 :  01:02:34 AM  Show Profile  Visit darrylhuffman's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Showing the kit being used to expand an existing business.

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