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Posted - 04/11/2019 :  07:01:25 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning from very white So. Wisconsin. The snow fell yesterday in very huge snowflakes and then was washed away by the rain. Then heavy snowflakes. This is the way snow should be, on the ground covering everything except sidewalks, driveways and streets. Itís raining again so who knows how long the grass will be white.

Coffee, itís ready. MOW blend along with the k-cups of many varieties, tea and hot water. Eggs any style, Nuetzkes smoked bacon and ham. Fresh donuts, the smoothie machine is out because of the fresh fruit. Enjoy!

Not sure what today has in store other then the UW Band Spring concert tonight at 7. Last one after 55 years for the Director of Bands. It should be fun.


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Posted - 04/11/2019 :  07:47:26 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Heavy overcast and snow on the ground this morning, the sidewalk and drive are clear but steps and lawn are white.

The second day of HVAC work is upon us and will, we're told, be a 'long' day of it. I'll keep charge of the place while the Doll goes off to the dentist. Little if anything will get done other than supervisor details.

No big news here, everyone have a good day. Oatmeal and toast this morning's repast.

Karl Scribner
Sunfield Twp. Michigan
Kentucky Southern Railway
The Spartan Line

Edited by - k9wrangler on 04/11/2019 07:48:09 AM

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Premium Member

Posted - 04/11/2019 :  07:54:05 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning Tom, Karl and the rest of the crew. It is 35 degrees in S.E. Michigan with about an inch of snow on the colder surfaces, but not the roads.

A bunch of errands to run after rush hour is over.

Have a great day!


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Premium Member

Posted - 04/11/2019 :  07:56:16 AM  Show Profile  Visit slimrails's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Good Morning, Crew, and thanks for opening, Tom Just coffee for me right now. I've been working on a brass-bodied Erie caboose kit that I built years ago that needed detail parts to be reattached from being in storage. It's become a bit of a project after seeing the brake rigging not up to my level of quality. I don't know what I was thinking when I originally put in the AB brake parts, but it just wasn't right. I stripped the parts out and I'll start
reinstalling them correctly today. Have a good one, everybody!

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George D

Premium Member

Posted - 04/11/2019 :  08:00:19 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning, Tom and crew. No snow in Tidewater Virginia. We're heading to the 60's today. Perfect weather for spreading mulch. I'll wrap up the mulching this morning. We have some trip planning and packing to start this afternoon and the train club's annual banquet is tonight.

Have a good day.

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Rusty Stumps

Posted - 04/11/2019 :  08:05:25 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Boy, EVERYONE is up early today! Good morning Tom, Karl, Bruce, Russ and the rest of the RR-L Crew. Going to rain today and T-Storms Sunday. Oh fun, It's Spring!

Finally got the Cricut Maker working the way I need it to. Even suggested an idea to them that they liked. so maybe it won't be so hard for others later on.

This Sunday will start a busy week that won't end for two weeks. Besides Holy Week, Easter I'm an attendee at the K of C State Convention so that'll be a busy weekend. Then at least the end of the month we go on vacation for a week in Northport Michigan. Mary says it's the Ends of the World it's so far up there.

Everyone have a Fun and Dry Day in the Train yard.


In the Crossroads of America.

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Premium Member

Posted - 04/11/2019 :  08:15:00 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning Tom and the incoming crew. I'm on the iPad again this morning at the Drs. office, still not right! The doctors sure know how to milk the system. Anyway, thanks for the coffee and breakfast. I did some more work on the carousel, but not enough to show.
I expect to be beckoned here in a couple of minutes.

Have a Super day!


Take the red pill

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Premium Member

Posted - 04/11/2019 :  08:22:56 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Walt, George: There's a really long and informative thread on using Cricut and other cutters over at the NGRM site: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/79025-a-guide-to-using-the-silhouette-cameo-cutter/ I had forgotten about that, until I saw there were some recent updates.

Sunny but chilly in SE NH. No 'training' today, too many 1-1 scale things going on, starting with Dr Appt.


Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)

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Mark B
Engine Wiper

Posted - 04/11/2019 :  09:35:14 AM  Show Profile  Visit Mark B's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Good morning to everyone. With our current fresh snow fall of about 6 or 7 inches I've got some work ahead of me. I blow the snow from a neighbor guy's driveway who has some physical issues and a widow lady who has a long double driveway.
He gives me Jack Daniels and she bakes cherry and apple pies. Good deal for everyone. The wife is off today-she's a substitute teacher and all the schools are closed AGAIN (8th day this year). So when I get the neighbors done I'll blow out my drive and call it a morning. Then it's back to the basement. I've been on a binge of painting detail pieces lately mixed in with cleaning off the shelves of projects I've bought over the years and finally getting around to building them.

Thursday mornings is coffee day in a nearby town, with several other modelers but that's snowed out too.
(Merrill) -Tom knows where it's at.
I'll grab one of those coffees on my way out and see how the day goes.

Mark B.

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Premium Member

Posted - 04/11/2019 :  09:39:58 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Mornin' All!!

35 and headed for "Meh" here in the northern mitten. The White Gifts From Above are arriving in force this morning, and mostly straight down. The WWs are advertising rain, freezing rain, snow, ice and thunder snow for the next day or two. And apparently this is serious... it's sticking to the roads now.

Had an Op Session in Northport last night, and the roads were nice and clear on the way home. Probably should have filled up the gas tank, but it was well after midnight and I decided that.... Oops!

May try to get in some work on cabeese today... have two on the bench, need to install marker lamps, and after a night of Santa Fe Way Cars, need to get back to calling them "Buggies."

Make it a great day, All, and stay safe!

in Michigan

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Posted - 04/11/2019 :  09:43:38 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning Tom and crew this cold but no snow morning compared to the west. We were going to the sevenths later but I donít think so. I was down working on the layout yesterday and Lucy came down and started dusting and vacuuming and we worked tell midnight before I told her we were not having open house tell fall and we should be ready by then. I think iím Due for a air filter system if I got enough room above the tiles.have a good and keep training. Tom

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Premium Member

Posted - 04/11/2019 :  10:34:32 AM  Show Profile  Visit jbvb's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Good morning all, the chill morning I share with Dave is warming up in the face of the giant fusion reactor in the sky.

I have some trees to prune, late, but before the buds really get going. And then an event at the school (see new 10-yo), and then prep for Railrun Saturday and kids/birthday party on Sunday.

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