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Engine Wiper

Posted - 11/09/2018 :  06:30:54 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Morning all. Up at an ungodly hour and into the office before 6 again. Had some frosties on the truck this morning. Supposed to rain later leading into a decent weekend.

Good thing I was in. Boss called before 6:30 from the Houston airport. I'm happy to help the man. I'm lucky with bosses. This guy, I feel, works for me...always wanting to tell people what I'm doing for them. Being I'm 68 and coming down to the end of the trail here, that's pretty cool.

Fridays are pretty lonely here. So many decide they have to work from home so they don't get caught in Friday evening traffic. Maybe if we didn't hire all the people who live far away, we'd have a full office. And now easy commute people are doing the same.

In a couple minutes, off to the cafeteria. BLT day if things are in place there.

Not planning on visiting any layouts this weekend (Phila area month long event). Football on Saturday (all day), leaves on Sunday.

Have great weekends fellows. Look forward to reading about your hobby progress come Monday.


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Rusty Stumps

Posted - 11/09/2018 :  07:58:50 AM  Show Profile  Visit Rusty Stumps's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Good Morning Larry and the rest of the RR-L Crew. 36f here right now but we're going colder for the weekend.

I'm working on multiply projects. Some transition pipe fittings and the S scale GV Pump House kit plus whatever else comes my way.

Other than the weather not much else going on.Changed the breakfast routine this morning and will enjoy a Orange Swirl pastry and tea with Voortman and Coffee later. Finally back down to 171 and hope to go lower. Fighting the steroids everyday. If I ate the 1500 calories they say I should had have ballooned up to 300 easy.

Everyone have a Fun and SAFE day in the COLD Train Yard.


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Crew Chief

Premium Member

Posted - 11/09/2018 :  08:19:32 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Larry thanks for opening Good morning Walt hope Mary is doing well I'm curious to know what a Vootman wafer is never heard of them and where you get them?? It is 41 and rainy here in SE Ohio
going to make a new gate for my raised bed garden then picked Grandson up at 11 from School.
Maybe train yard later?

have a great day


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Premium Member

Posted - 11/09/2018 :  08:33:10 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning Crew, glad to see everyone so early. Weather in So. Wisconsin has turned the ground white and the roads slick. The white stuff is hitting the roads and melting.

Doctor visit in an hour. Grand kids later. Coffee has been made for the drinkers, MOW Blend. Pancakes, bacon, fresh fruit and donuts.

Enjoy your day

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Premium Member

Posted - 11/09/2018 :  08:54:19 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good morning Larry and the rest of the crew. It is near the freezing mark and snowing here in S.E. Michigan. We have about 2" on the colder surfaces right now.

I worked in the yard all day yesterday and did manage to pick up all the leaves that were down before this snow came. However, the oaks still have a lot of leaves on them, so the task is not yet done for the season.

We got a call from our oldest granddaughter last evening to tell us that she got engaged. We have met her (now) fiance several times, and we are happy for both of them.

It looks like we will have our three sons, their wives, our nine grand kids and our one granddaughter-in-law here for Thanksgiving. That will be a first since the family has grown and spread out all across the country.

Time to get caught up on some computer 'stuff' and then yes, more drapery work.

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Posted - 11/09/2018 :  10:40:11 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
2 inches or more of snow on things here this morning, including the tractor the snow blower goes on. The blower still deep in the barn. Has been no time this week to deal with that.

The big train show at Michigan State University is this Sunday at the Pavilion on campus. Over 300 tables have been sold out for several weeks. Free parking and $6 entry fee, unless yoiu’ve got an old Scout Uniform you can squeeze into, it’s free. There should be a fine crowd with lots of stuff and a deal or two to be had. Several layouts will be set up and an all day rotating clinic is available, too.

Everyone have a good weekend.

Karl Scribner
Kentucky Southern Railway
and associated lines
Midwest Lower Michigan

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Premium Member

Posted - 11/09/2018 :  11:37:14 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Dogs are at the groomers, I had a Dr appt then Phys Therapy this morning. So now I'm waiting for the call to pick up the dogs when they're done. This morning was one of those days when ponds are perfect mirrors. Unfortunately that's changing, we're expecting heavy rains tonight, then cold and windy tomorrow. Further north, they're expecting the S-word.

I primed my styrene boxcar, but put my thumb in some wet paint, so I might need to do some primer touch-up before the final coat.


Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)

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Premium Member

Posted - 11/09/2018 :  12:06:05 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good afternoon all, we are buried with an 1/8" of snow. I've been monkeying around with an Arduino project. I can successfully get a LED to blink. . It's too cold to be messing around in the shop. ( I have this 'thing' about turning on the heat out there until Dec. 1st.) I did get the snow plowing tractor in there yesterday, so it can snow a little deeper.

Really admired Carl Alessi's work on that 3'rd St. build. I spent about 2 hours looking for where that possible real street is/was on Google Earth Pro. I swear, with one of our eastern trips we stopped at a fabric store between Hagerstown and Mt. Airy, MD that was the spittin' image of those old buildings. RR tracks still in place. There was a WM severely weathered caboose off on a disconnected siding. Never found it.

Dave, at least it wasn't 'all thumbs'.

Anyway, back to the drawing board.

Have a Super day!


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Rusty Stumps

Posted - 11/09/2018 :  1:18:39 PM  Show Profile  Visit Rusty Stumps's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Mark, Mary is back to normal with a few aches. She's hard at work on packing RSSM orders for me. She's taken over the Tippy duties as well. Can't slower down.

The Voortman Wafers are sold in just about any grocery store. Kroger, Walmart, etc. They are a waffle type cookie about 1/2" wide by 1.5" long sandwiched with vanilla frosting inbetween. Or you can get them in other flavors. Look in the cookie section and the vanilla ones have a fairly bright yellow rapper. The crackers are stacked 4 high and maybe 12 long in the package. Enjoy if you find them.


Edited by - Rusty Stumps on 11/09/2018 1:19:57 PM

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Crew Chief

Premium Member

Posted - 11/09/2018 :  2:06:56 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Walt Thanks for the info I will have to try them . Glad Mary is doing well


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Premium Member

Posted - 11/09/2018 :  4:35:17 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Check Menard's they always seem to have them as you are walking or out the front door......Belay my last! Looks like the closest Menard's to Marietta, is Chillicothe.


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