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Posted - 12/23/2016 :  09:08:18 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Looks great! This has been a great build thead, including research and the occasional setback.

It's too modern for my layout, but I agree it would be a great kit.


Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)

Edited by - deemery on 12/23/2016 10:24:14 AM

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Premium Member

Posted - 12/23/2016 :  09:53:25 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks for the update, Robert. We will continue following along in 2017!

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 03/14/2017 :  4:05:04 PM  Show Profile  Visit Artman's Homepage  Reply with Quote

There she sits in a corner of my studio . . . waiting for some carpenters to show up and put the final touches on her

Hi fellas, Talked with Greg Shinny today, he quipped that I fell off the face of the earth with this build but no, I've just been busy with a lot of work related projects.

I'm still busy but I thought I would give those who are interested in this build, a bit of an update.

While the actual build has not moved forward I came across some things I want to put into the diorama . . . such as the Weight Scale . . . Which I found in this book . . .

Trevor Marshal has a wonderful example of this little structure on his website that i will use to help me draw-up, and build mine.

In this next picture I found on line . . . I discovered something I'd not seen before.

Something under the Coal Bin. I suspect that this may be part of the lift mechanism?

Whatever it is I will draw up something and put it under my coal bin as well . . . I have a contact at the Palmerston Museum, I'll see what he has to say about it.

I have to get back to work, but I leave you with these two images . . .

Robert Wanka

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Premium Member

Posted - 03/14/2017 :  11:30:27 PM  Show Profile  Visit jbvb's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Nice research, nice model.

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Premium Member

Posted - 03/14/2017 :  11:53:59 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good to see your thinking about starting up for 2017.


"And in the end, itís not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 07/19/2017 :  9:52:58 PM  Show Profile  Visit Artman's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Had a little time, so I did a little work on this project.

First off, after taking it out of a storage box and setting it up . . .

I noticed the Coal Bin roof had undergone some serious warpage!

Remember some time ago I said I used white glue on some balsa to the backside of the paper roof . . . a big no - no!

So I decided to make a new roof . . .

Same process as usual, I glued together several layers of layout paper. Then I cut out strips of one/ply layout paper to simulate the shingled layer . . . just go back into the build and you will see how I did the first roof.

A loose fitting outside . . .

It needs the fascia yet; the warp you see here was caused by the sun beating down on it. It's not an issue though it looks like one in this photo but I assure you its not. Once I apply the fascia it won't warp again heat or no heat.


Last time I said I wanted to build the weight house that sits across from the Coal Dock. But before that can begin I'd have to draw it up.

So I did!

This drawing was as close to the prototype as I could get, given that I had really only two source photos to work from, one not all that clear and the other a tad better but only from one angle. Scroll above to see those two source photos.

Now I have not begun building this yet . . . I'll get to that after I complete the Coal Dock.

Now there's that thing under the coal bin that caught my eye and that needs building.

So here is the rough drawing . . . It's been a guessing game because there just are no good pictures of this "thing" chuckle.

Okay, not so nice as the weight scale house drawing, but good enough to get the result I wanted.

Then a quick fit under the Bin . . .

Okay, so that went well. But that door, got to do something about it . . . yea, yea, I know, a little paint, a window backing and alls good right?


So I decided I wanted something different, something custom.

First a drawing . . .

Then I taped down some Mylar over the drawing.

Board by board, I built two of these, one for the "thing" under the Coal Bin and one for the Weight Scale House (yet to be built).

Yea, I think I like that much better, chuckle.

More later.

Robert Wanka

Edited by - Artman on 07/19/2017 10:00:02 PM

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Posted - 07/20/2017 :  12:49:11 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
excellent work Robert. love the new roof

It's only make-believe

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George D

Premium Member

Posted - 07/20/2017 :  08:05:06 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
That's a good lesson on using balsa for a roof base, Robert.

I like the hand made door much better than the casting.


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Premium Member

Posted - 07/20/2017 :  12:09:00 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The door turned out to be an eye-catching detail.

-- KP --
Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 07/21/2017 :  08:02:17 AM  Show Profile  Visit Artman's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Bob, George, Kris,

Thanks guys; I appreciate your comments!

Robert Wanka

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Posted - 07/21/2017 :  09:58:11 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Robert, nice to see this thread return again!
You & I still have to get together to teach you how to make some lights for this coal dock.
Just let me know when you have some free time, and come on over.

Greg Shinnie

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 07/21/2017 :  1:03:55 PM  Show Profile  Visit Artman's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Will do!

Thanks Greg!

Robert Wanka

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 08/29/2017 :  9:56:36 PM  Show Profile  Visit Artman's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I dropped by (Ensign) Greg Shinnies', place yesterday and Greg was kind enough to show me the process of fishing wire as fine as human hair, through an insanely tiny hollow tube.

So, wiring, tube bending, tinning, and finally soldering wire onto LED's a millimeter in length and less so in width . . . absolutely crazy stuff!

My first lights!

When I got home I could not resist doing this quick beauty shot . . . a little over dramatic I know, but there you have it!

There will be a total of 8 lights in this structure before I'm done. The next 6 I will be doing on my own . . . lets hope I don't fry any of those very tiny LED's !

Robert Wanka

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Posted - 08/29/2017 :  10:50:33 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hey Rob, let me be the first to congratulate you on your graduation into the world of LED lighting.
You were a excellent student!
Rob, seemed to be a natural at soldering these tiny LED's.

I love that photo with the moon peeking out from behind your beautiful coaling facility.
You better get working now on the other lights, so that this place doesn't look so spooky on a moonlit night.

Greg Shinnie

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Michael Hohn

Posted - 08/29/2017 :  11:05:00 PM  Show Profile  Visit Michael Hohn's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Beautifully atmospheric photo and a very dramatic sky.


Nobody living can ever stop me, as I go walking that freedom highway -- Woody Guthrie

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