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Posted - 10/24/2018 :  4:23:01 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Wow ... nice looking room!

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Posted - 11/26/2018 :  5:25:01 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
still not much to show, but at least this time it is a train. I purchased a locomotive from Ebay that was one of Lee Snover's locomotives. Lee was a pretty well known model railroader in some circles of the hobby, and sadly he passed away a few months ago. I was talking with Lee when I was working on the repowering of my Westside Heisler. Lee was known for many things, one of which was his ability to get Precision Scale shays to run really well. I was poking around Ebay and notices that some of his personal shays were being listed, one of which is was a large 60 ton Oregon Lumber shay #7. I tried to ignore it but it did not work and I ended up winning the auction. The Slater creek now has a BIG shay. I will do a few modifications to get it to fit the family and then paint in in the next year.

And in case you were thinking, a west cost shay in WV, this shay looks like a west cost shay but it is not, it is much smaller than a WCS, but what a beef cake! And although it is a stretch to see it in WV it could have been. it was even built as a coal burner before being converted to a wood burner. I assume by the stack that this model is a coal burner.

here is the shay with my other two three cylinder shays. as you can see it is much longer than my previous big shay (#8) bit really not much taller. for the record #8 is getting a new boiler and dome placement in the next year or 2 and it will make it look a little bigger. sorry for the poor photo, I still have no good model railroad space.

Edited by - Coaltrain on 11/26/2018 5:32:31 PM

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Posted - 12/01/2018 :  08:32:34 AM  Show Profile  Visit quarryman's Homepage  Reply with Quote

The high sill/running boards are the first difference that caught my eye between the new and old Shays. Did Lee run this locomotive? Is that front coupler operable?

Mark Chase
Richmond VA

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 12/01/2018 :  08:58:18 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I just bought a book on the Yosemite Valley RR and it included all the logging inclines along the line. They hoisted those large 3 truck shay up a 78% grade!

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Posted - 12/03/2018 :  05:38:10 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
that high running board is also the first thing that I saw as well, I like it. if you look at my Babcock number 2 shay it has a raised running board and an air tank mounted below as well, just not as raised, so there is a similar look. the other thing that caught my eye is the snow plow mounted to the front and rear truck, not sure if I will keep those on yet.

I don't know if Lee ran this on layout of his own, I am assuming he ran it on a test track. I have not applied any power to it yet because I still do not have a work bench set up. I don't even know if this is DC or DCC yet. it do know that the drive is smoooooooth. with the drive shafts disconnected it rolls like butter. I turned the crank shaft by hand and it is also smooth, and I can feel the coreless motor. my only concern is how powerful will it be. My #8 shay is a beast of a powerhouse, but it has a second gear reduction at the rear truck from the Grandt line gear set, this new shay seems to have a sprocket on the motor and is direct drive. Also, my #8 shay really out weighs this shay and it has steel driving wheels which give it a lot of traction. I will want this big shay to at least equal my #8 so I am hoping I can make it all work out.

I am tossing around ideas on how I might change some of the details. for sure the stack is going to change, I want to make one of those flat top spark arrestors for it. The only other things I am considering so far is bigger lights, and maybe doing the real wood running boards. I am so impressed with the real wood on my Babcock #2 shay that I may do it on this shay and on my #8 when I do the new boiler.

The coupler is a non operating brass casting. I will be replacing it with either a Sergent or a Kadee (if I go back to Kadee).

I am making progress on the work shop, I have the walls framed and I am in the process of wiring the outlets and the lights. there is a lot of work left to do with the ceiling. I need to round and air return duct and at the moment there is no room so I am going to have to get creative and figure something out, then I will be able to install a drop ceiling. I wanted to do a drop ceiling so I still have access to the utilities.

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