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Posted - 12/07/2012 :  09:27:39 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The max train length will be 8 hoppers and a caboose. I hope to have four mines to pick up loaded cars at. There will only be one big mine, the others will be small one or two car a day mines. I hope to run two coal trains a day for an operating session. The main mine will load hoppers, the other mines I will hand load the hoppers before the start of a session.

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Posted - 12/07/2012 :  10:35:47 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Nice work.
Brass is tough to keep from corroding/oxidizing. That's why electronic manufacturers use gold plate on their contacts.
It would be good if you could find a source for some gold plated contacts.

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Posted - 12/07/2012 :  12:20:10 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
that's a good Idea, maybe I can find some plugs or something that are gold plated and pull them apart to use the plated parts for contacts under my hopper cars.

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Martin Welberg

Posted - 12/07/2012 :  2:13:39 PM  Show Profile  Visit Martin Welberg's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Stompbox switches are reliable, never had trouble with mine and I do wear big boots when playing..nice job and a impressive amount of hoppers..

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Posted - 12/07/2012 :  3:57:45 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Will any of these work?


Other Google searches may turn up something else.

Edited by - mabloodhound on 12/07/2012 4:07:48 PM

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Posted - 12/08/2012 :  4:17:56 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I decideded to test a test a ten car loaded train of hopper, non-stop, to see if I could do it without an issue. As you can see in the video the answer is YES! It worked very well, aside from me not stopping in the correct place. I am using Kadee On3 couplers and a change in direction means all that slack has to be taken up. I modify the couplers to eliminate that slack action as much as possible but there is still some. The funny thing is the caboose jerks back and fourth because of the slack, which would actually be correct, however I still want to eliminate more of it.

The video also show what happens when a little coal gets stuck in the door as it is closing. The changes I made to the doors eliminated then coal jamming on top the doors, what you see in the video is a piece down at the bottom, which is easy to fix as the video show, just open the door again and the offending piece falls out.

A sharp eye will notice I head out with a 12 car train and return with only 10, that is because the other 2 cars have resistors added to the motors and I did not want to mess around with adjusting the current. As it turns out the first couple cars to unload had the current set too high and the doors really opened and closed fast.

There is one more car not in the video, just before I shot the video I was adjusting the doors and broke a part on it. That car was one of the first cars and still needed to be upgraded, now i have a reason to do the upgrade to it.


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Posted - 12/08/2012 :  4:20:49 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Here is the video

Edited by - Coaltrain on 12/08/2012 4:22:27 PM

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Posted - 12/08/2012 :  7:01:01 PM  Show Profile  Visit quarryman's Homepage  Reply with Quote

That is very impressive modeling ... some banjo music in the distance and I would think I was right there!

Is that real coal in the hoppers or the rubber compound you were thinking about using?

The dude in the dump shed will be covered with coal dust by the end of the day.


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Premium Member

Posted - 12/08/2012 :  8:06:06 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
That is impressive, the only thing missing is the coal dust flying. Congratulations on getting the cars working so well.

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Ray Dunakin

Posted - 12/08/2012 :  11:15:11 PM  Show Profile  Visit Ray Dunakin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Way cool!

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Premium Member

Posted - 12/08/2012 :  11:22:07 PM  Show Profile  Visit Sully's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Great work Jeff.....kinda makes me want to schedule a spring trip to Sewell and walk around and see what's left......thanks for posting the video, it is, as Mark and Larry pointed out.....IMPRESSIVE!


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Posted - 12/09/2012 :  06:20:57 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks everyone. It is really coal, I screened it with a window screen to remove all the small stuff, then I washed it to remove all the dust which is why there is very little dust generated when dumping. The ground rubber looked really good but it would not flow as well from the cars. If I was going to rotary dump hopper cars the rubber would have worked well.

I just stuck that man there because he was just hanging around. He actually is made for riding on the foot boards of a locomotive. There will have to be two people in the unloading shed though, one on each side to pull the trip levers, and I am sure in real life that job would have really sucked.

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Posted - 12/09/2012 :  12:46:23 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Everything is just so well done! Not just the coal dumping, but how smoothly it runs. Love how slow the shay and climax are moving. If only we could get that with the stock bachmanns.


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Engine Wiper

Posted - 12/09/2012 :  1:40:45 PM  Show Profile  Visit vamodeler's Homepage  Reply with Quote

Fantastic! Looks great! The coloring of those cars is AWESOME!

Hoping to see it in person soon. Need any more rocks? Would be easy to bring another bucket.

No modeling lately here.........


My Website: http://sites.google.com/site/deercreekandlaurelry/

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Posted - 12/09/2012 :  2:25:16 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks for the offer but I think that bucket you gave me is going to last me a while.

That Climax is a stock Bachmann engine that I just changed the gauge. I am actually still having some trouble with that Kemtron shay, it runs good when every thing is clean and I have gears adjusted, but after a while those steel wheels will get dirty and stop making good contact, then the gear retainer ring will slip a little and the gears will start skipping. When I finish get around to finishing the detailing on it I will get some of those bugs worked out of it. I am strongly considering converting the shay to battery using the Tam Valley radio conversion.

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