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Grant Whipp
Engine Wiper

Posted - 09/28/2010 :  01:25:23 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Did I say right tunnel? I meant left!
Anyway, I've discovered that, at least in my case, when I run across a problem with one portion of a project, it often helps to concentrate on another part of the project that isn't giving me troubles! So, I turned my attention to the right side tunnel ...

After the foam had set hard enough, I pulled the "wedging" and trimmed up the ends:

Viola! A nicely formed tunnel liner needing only minor detailing and blending-in along the bottom edges.

Now, to the left tunnel!

Notice the pronounced "BULGE" on the right wall and the slightly less-noticeable but-still-problematic "bulge" on the left wall? Seems that there is a lot of power in the expanding qualities of Bragdon's foam ... ...! (You'd think I'd remember something as significant as that, since I used to build fiberglass boats in the '60s & '70s!)

After cleaning everything up, all I could think of was waiting 'till everything had cured & hardened well enough, then go after it with a drum sander and grind away all the bulges, then attempt a re-finish of sorts from the inside. But first, have lunch, then take that all-important afternoon nap ... ...!

Funny thing how your head clears up after a good snooze, isn't it ...? I realized that things really weren't all that bad, and that if I got after it soon enough (before the liquid nail had a chance to really harden), then I might be able to save the 'liner, clean it up, and re-install it, this time with the added "cripples" that I'd used in the right tunnel. So, after some careful and meticulous work with a hack-saw blade (and holding my tongue just right, I freed the deformed 'liner from its cage and set it aside to completely cure:

So, as of this afternoon/evening, the 'liner has been sanded back to its pre-instllation shell, and is only awaiting a little heat from a hair drier to flatten out the bulges put in by the foam (I don't own a hair drier, so I see a trip to a thrift store in the morning ...). I'll still need to do some "relieving" to the original walls to give me a little more clearance when I go to re-glue the 'liner, but that's only a few more minutes work (and a few more minutes of clean-up).

Maybe by this Thursday night (when the club meets), I'll be able to start building up that mountain!

Thanks for looking and checking in! 'Til next time ...



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Engine Wiper

Posted - 09/28/2010 :  01:39:42 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
well question from the peanut gallery. weren't most tunnels in the steam era made of wood or stone? nice tunnels though, it's a shame you had to redo them.

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 09/28/2010 :  02:16:41 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Tunnels or tunnel linings in the steam era were dependent on where the tunnel was built. If conditions were right then they were able to go with the stone. If there was water present then they had to figure out a way to get it out of the tunnel. And certain rocks were not suitable and needed to be protected from stack blast erosion and others were so mechanically unsound that the tunnel needed lining to prevent collapse. Lining was usually wood as it was easy to work with, but needed regular maintenance.

If you were lucky you got granite like the CP ran into going over Donner Pass, no water problems, 150 years later minimal erosion, etc. If you were unlucky you ran into granite like the CP ran into going over Donner Pass, so darn hard and solid they measured progress on some days in inches. Black powder barely scratched it, drills were dulled as soon as they were carried into the bore, nitro did in more workers than it made progress, dynamite made some progress.

Don't push me bureaucrat, I've got a bit of hangover

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Grant Whipp
Engine Wiper

Posted - 09/28/2010 :  9:50:17 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

What part of OR are you residing in? If you travel I-5 in NorCal much, you should remember the grey rocks (almost mountains!) east of the freeway, across Lake Shasta, on both sides of the big bridge that carries the RR, too. Those are the rock formations I'm "suggesting" my tunnels are bored through, however, it will make a lot more sense when all the molded rocks are in place! I've got something up my sleeve, and if it all works out, it'll all come together ... hopefully ... ...!



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Grant Whipp
Engine Wiper

Posted - 10/21/2010 :  12:53:22 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
O.K. ... maybe I can get in a quick update, tonight!

Left tunnel liner is re-installed:

"Caps" relieved over the facing tunnel ends and installed:

... with an added bit of humor from a plastic car modeling friend:

"Blocking" added for the switchback grades and some grades installed:

You may notice some plastic garbage bags covering the ends of the "wing" modules ... more on that in a bit ... ...!

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Grant Whipp
Engine Wiper

Posted - 10/21/2010 :  01:18:36 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We're still meeting every Thursday night (at least, those when I'm in town ... ...), and would you look at this ... Conner makes an appearance and gets some work done on one of his modules!

(... we've really got to give Conner a break, though ... he's in high school, and had a summer job out of town ... we're glad he can make it when he can ... ...!)

Ross is making steady progress on his corner module and finally has the track glued down and the feeder wires dropped. next on the agenda is final wiring and fitting the jumper tracks that connect his modules, then his modules to ours:

Completed the grades on my corner module and started filling in the "gaps":

Trying something new (at least, to me) with filling the "gaps" ... laying in styrofoam packing peanuts, then drizzling Bragdon's foam over the top and down in between (the plastic garbage bags are preventing the foam from gluing all the modules together ... ...), and with the exception of a couple of screw-ups on my part, it seems to be working pretty well:

And here you can see how well it forms with a sureform tool:

Ran out of the four "sample" bottle of the foam end of last week, but a whole gallon was delivered yesterday, so I've been adding a bit more each night, and it's actually beginning to look like there will be a mountain there in the very near future!

We'll have another meeting tomorrow night, so hope to have some more updates, shortly. In the meantime, thanks for looking ... and as always ...



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Premium Member

Posted - 10/21/2010 :  01:35:47 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Grant, that's an interesting method of creating a mountain side.
I'll be watching for your next set of progress pictures.

As you think, so will you be.

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 10/21/2010 :  04:28:12 AM  Show Profile  Send Dustymalaymann a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Hi Grant, i have been following your topic with great interest as i am also building an incline using polystyrene. Your use of the packing beads is interesting as I was given a large bag of these and upto now could find no use for them. Keep up the good work, a most interesting and instructional build

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Posted - 10/21/2010 :  08:10:11 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Neat idea Grant!!!!

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Grant Whipp
Engine Wiper

Posted - 11/08/2010 :  12:10:44 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi, All!

Time for another quick update! Since the last time, Ross has gotten his jumper tracks fitted & installed and some more wiring done ...

And, I've continued playing with Bragdon's foam and peanuts, continuing the build-up and fill-in of the mountain:

Conner's been MIA for the last couple of meetings, Randy made one, and Cory's been feeling under the weather, but still shows up for moral support ...

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Grant Whipp
Engine Wiper

Posted - 11/08/2010 :  12:23:28 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Nobody showed up for last Thursday's meeting, so I took advantage of having the shop to myself for the night with no distractions. I built up a couple of more layers of foam over the tunnels, then started casting some stone retaining walls and rock formations ...

The first couple of castings ended up being a bit thick, but I guess that's the nature of "first trys" ... ... but I finally started to get a "feel" for the process, and things turned out better after that.

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Grant Whipp
Engine Wiper

Posted - 11/08/2010 :  12:44:31 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
So, to make the first piece of random stone retaining wall fit where and how I wanted it to, some "trimming off" from the back side was needed (and, I realized, this would have to be the process for every piece I cast ... but, oh well, such is the price, eh what ... ...?). The first thing I did was to lay the piece on a piece of clean cardboard on a sturdy flat surface, then start shaving off the high spots with a sureform ...

... as I carefully went from this ...
... to this ...

... and with some fitting, to final installation ...

Things are finally starting to take shape, and I am beginning to see "in the flesh" what my mind's eye has been seeing for coming up on two years! I took today off from almost everything else and cast up a l-o-t more pieces, but I'm outta time, so I gotta go for now! Thanks for stopping by to have a look! As always, comments & questions are always welcome! 'Til next time ...



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Crew Chief

Posted - 11/08/2010 :  01:25:46 AM  Show Profile  Visit kewlbrew's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Grant -

Nice progress. Looking forward to your next update.


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Premium Member

Posted - 11/08/2010 :  04:42:11 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Slow but sure your are moving ahead. Also, looking forward to what is next.

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Section Hand

Posted - 11/08/2010 :  10:32:38 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Love the "mountain" looks good so far. Will need to follow along a little more closely.Had another twist on making tunnel liners. I take tin foil, scrunch it up, then open it up. Then I take some cheap flat black paint and spray it, making sure to cover all the foil with a good coat. Once it is dry I just glue it to the inside of the tunnel and walla. No waiting for Joel's foam to cure. This way you miss all the fun of carving the foam and can make it any shape you need to.

Keep up the good work.

Mike Reuter

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