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 treefoliage made out of gardenpond/aquariumfibers
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Posted - 02/18/2013 :  6:44:12 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Outstanding as usual.


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Posted - 02/18/2013 :  6:53:04 PM  Show Profile  Visit milocomarty's Homepage  Reply with Quote
The nochstick is fun isn't it ?


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Posted - 02/18/2013 :  9:53:32 PM  Show Profile  Visit jbvb's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Jos, that bark texture is a good match for a North American conifer called the Black Spruce. In New England, it is mostly found above 800 meters in mountainous areas, but in Canada I believe it grows in lowlands too.

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Frederic Testard

Premium Member

Posted - 02/19/2013 :  04:56:10 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It's funny, Jos. While I thought it looked bigger than its HO counterpart when still unfinished, I think it looks MUCH bigger after the last addition of needles.
And beautiful, too.

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Frank Palmer

Posted - 02/19/2013 :  7:50:16 PM  Show Profile  Visit Frank Palmer's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Jos, 4 minutes to make; now that's using your time wisely.

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 02/20/2013 :  05:32:08 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks Frederic,Frank, JvB,Brownbr!
Martin: yup it is realy fun working with this "magic" stick......!
As promised the picture in real good sunlight!


Edited by - scotchpine on 02/20/2013 05:33:38 AM

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Posted - 02/20/2013 :  09:42:27 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Stunning. Thats all I can say.

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 02/22/2013 :  05:08:02 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks Wesley!

Some small H0 ones...

Still no needles= fine turf Woodland S.
But within 10 minutes :


Edited by - scotchpine on 02/22/2013 2:15:59 PM

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New Hire

Posted - 02/22/2013 :  6:37:40 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
In the Northeastern part of North America, one of the most common trees to take over old, abandoned farmland and railroad right of ways is the white pine. This coniferous tree does not look like a fir, spruce, or even many other pines. Its branches reach up, not down, and from a distance its needles are a light green and almost fluffy looking. Its bark too is different, having a grayed, deeply grooved surface. You can see examples here:



I wonder if you might have suggestions on making models of such trees. I can guess how you would shape the branches and model the trunk, but not the needles. That's the part I'd really like to hear about. Thanks.


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Engine Wiper

Posted - 02/23/2013 :  08:11:00 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

but not the needles. That's the part I'd really like to hear about.

To be in short: in H0: Don't use needles...( like very very small/short grasfibers 0,5 mm!
I think the tree can be modelled by watching carefuly the characteristic shape of the trunk and mainbranches.
Also the color, as you wrote, is important because it differs from other pine trees overthere.
That brings us to the color of the "needles"....this is too very characteristic so try to use that particular color by airbrush or spraycan.
The flufy look of the needles hmmm..difficult one....
if you had enough/MUCH/alot of time...you may be probably could use the static gun and very fine grassfibers to imm. the needles.
The problem in real is that it looks like the needles are growing in a, kind of "clusters"(??)
So how to get the glue on the fibers that support the adding needles/grassfibers in a way to acchieve this pattern??? Right now I don't have an answer about that.
If I were you I would try to use sieved coarse turf from woodland .( when tree is ready spraying carefuly in the correct color!)
Watching - overhere in ths thread- my modelled pinetrees(specialy the scotchpines) you can see that I do not use fibers to imm. the needles but coarse turf( or fine turf)! Using a big floursieve from out the kitchen, you can sieve the big parts of the coarse turf out of it and only the smaller/ "flufier" ones will fall on the frame!


here a link to someone who uses, after all, very fine grassfibers to imm. the needles and HOW!!!!...by the way it is in scale N!!!!
scrol down until 3/4 of this page= Mo 20. Aug 2012, 20:25 hour watch and shiver ....

Edited by - scotchpine on 03/21/2014 09:35:21 AM

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New Hire

Posted - 02/23/2013 :  6:23:00 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello, I'm new to this forum but have been in the hobby over 60 years. I was enamored of Jos' work on the Tree Modeling Yahoo group, but hadn't seen anything from him there for years. I found a link to this forum a few days ago and have since gone through all 36 pages. I saw Jos' reference to ScotchBrite 7448 pads on page 10 (about 3 years ago to this forum but only 3 days ago to me!) and bought a box of 20 from an Amazon affiliate for $13.49 + $5.31 shipping = $18.80. Each pad can be peeled into 3 layers. It looks very similar to Jos' 7415 material and is a much better choice I think than trying to use a regular green ScotchBrite scouring pad. I looked for a reference on the 7448 pads following Jos' mention of it, but found nothing. I've attached a photo of the layout I'm currently working on--G, O, and S gauges on a layout that reaches 9.5 feet high. I have to cover the chicken wire in the background with plaster dipped dryer sheets and get the entire 50' long mountain range up to zip texturing standards before we add trees, but hope to start doing that perhaps late this year.
Ron Ferrel
Pocatello, Idaho

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New Hire

Posted - 02/23/2013 :  6:35:38 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi again,
My photo didn't post, so I'm trying again with a different browser.

Download Attachment: Part of the Layout.JPG
112.73 KB

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 02/25/2013 :  3:12:44 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello Ron,

Whow that's a big layout!!
Hope it will workout about the treemaking with the "pads" the coming next year(s)
Watching your attached picture I cann't see any tree yet on that part of your layout so please hurry to get this part of the scenery( making trees) done.
You're doin the preisermen a great pleasure when planting some trees between all those buildings/tracks


ps About not bein active for years on Yahoo: #1 lost my password and #2 (almost) no activity

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 02/26/2013 :  04:24:42 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello Frank,
About the white pine...
I tried ( very hard!)to make a small one...

it has something to do with it but it is deff. not realy a "white pine"....
I think I added to much turf and I have to modell the fibers pointing a litlle bit more up!
Also the numbers of branches are not enough...so next tree will be :
more branches/twigs,
"main" fibers pointing upwards,
color tending to a more greygreenyellowish....
in short: starting over again

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Posted - 02/26/2013 :  5:58:43 PM  Show Profile  Visit LandNnut's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Its hard to see in the photos above but white pines have tiers of branches arranged in a radial pattern around the trunk. I may have a print I can scan if somebody is really interested.
L&N nut

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