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Engine Wiper

Posted - 08/08/2010 :  09:41:49 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi guys. The meeting went very well. Ken Stockton hosted a fine meeting at his house. The meeting was attended by Ken S, Ken D, Rob F, Joe B, and Tom R (myself). Rob F took notes.

We discussed the two options available to us. The first was to create a non-profit on our own. The second was to create a branch of the NRHS. Ken D had great information, as he was already involved in creating a non-profit.

The group decided, the most efficient way to create an organization for the purpose of collecting funds for the movement of the station would be to form a branch of the NRHS. (as some may recall, 5 years ago we picthed this same idea).

It was agreed, that the NRHS is an established organization, with history and experience in these matters (preserving railroad history). It would be simpler and quicker to work with them for our immediate goals, and leave all the legal 501c3 stuff to them.

As a Branch of the NRHS, we would be able to legally collect funds without any headaches of independent non-profit status.

The requirements for creating a Branch of the NRHS was discussed. We need 10 to 15 people willing to join our group. If all we need is 10-15 people, I think we can do that quickly. I also need to follow up with the NRHS to see if the rules have changed. There is a formal review process, where they consult with some of the other local chapters, so we should reach out to them.

So the plan is:

Tom R (me) is going to follow up with the NRHS and review the requirements to start our own chapter.

Ken D was going to make some flyers (advertising our goal) for an upcoming train show, and work with a friend to get those flyers posted on a table. The goal is to get the word out, and get some contact info.

Rob F was going to get back to the guy who invited them to the Milltown Historical Society meeting. This is a key objective, as we need to talk to them and hear their plans, if they have any.

Ken S was going to call Mary C.

Everyone has the task to find others who are commited to joining our branch. (we need 10-15)

I hope to have some updated information this week regarding NRHS requirements.
Once we have that updated info, we can plan to proceed.

We still need:

Find out when the Milltown Historical Society is meeting, and see if we can be invited.

J.J and Jeff, I will include you on all future emails if you like. I expect to post most of our info here on the site, except for private info like phone numbers and addresses.

Thats it for now, lets see if we can get this branch off the ground, so we can move onto the fund raising and save this station!


Here is the page I created from 2005. It is out of date, some of the links are broken, and need to be updated, but most of it still stands:



Edited by - Tom_E_Reynolds on 08/08/2010 12:42:39 PM

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Thorn Creek and Western

Posted - 08/08/2010 :  10:15:49 PM  Show Profile  Visit Thorn Creek and Western's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Congrats, guys, for getting the ball rolling!

Tom, please add me to the email list.


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Engine Wiper

Posted - 08/09/2010 :  08:59:31 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
First of all, Thanks guys for getting this ball rolling. I think this is a great oppurtunity to save an important piece of history and strengthen the ties within the group of those intereseted in the RRRR.
I talked to my friend Tim yesterday and he is 100% behind joining us and promoting our efforts through his store. So we'll have a display (the best I can make in a couple days) on one of his tables at the Greenberg Train Show this weekend at Raritan Center Exhibition Center. I'll bring some pictures, a sign-up sheet and some handouts. If anyone on this forum is interested in going, or if you know some friends who are, it will be this Saturday and Sunday at The Train Room's tables which are on about the center of the aisles off the main "avenue" (coffee bar to bathrooms). Look for The Train Room banner and you'll find the display. I'll be there most of Saturday and Sunday afternoon but the display will be up the entire show. After that I'll have flyers available at his store in Point Pleasant Beach. Any questions, ask me here or email me if you have it.
PS Tom I plan on using your original as a template so I'll email you a proof before I go out with it.
PSS Ken, thanks for sharing your house, your RRRR collection and Grandpa's pie with us!
-Ken D

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New Hire

Posted - 08/09/2010 :  3:39:33 PM  Show Profile  Click to see RaritanRiverLightRail's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
Hi everyone,
Im new here and found this place from Toms site, which is such a wonderful sight/site!

I first got interested in the RRRR maybe a year ago when I was looking at maps and noticed the railroad that I always know went through my town. I followed it in both directions and ultimately wondered what it was. Somehow I was able to find it out and eventually ended at Toms page and here.

As for me, in a few weeks I will be a junior at Rutgers (major: Political Science). Ive lived in East Brunswick all my life and have always been intrigued by rail since my first Brio set. In fact, I am taking a trip by rail this weekend. Although I procrastinated the reservations and could only get the return trip (from Orlando). :(

I look forward to helping out with this forming group and would love to work on the moving and restoration. Anything else related to the RRRRHS I would love to help with. Please let me know how exactly I can get involved in this.

And finally, by my name you can see what I want to see. But Ill start a separate topic for that.

Support the return of passenger service to the Raritan River!

Its time!

Edited by - RaritanRiverLightRail on 08/09/2010 3:41:47 PM

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 08/10/2010 :  8:49:13 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
See all of you at the train show this Saturday


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Engine Wiper

Posted - 08/10/2010 :  9:05:14 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Minor Updates. I have been in contact with the National NRHS organization, and they are mailing me an updated packet of info for chapter creation.

I have also emailed Brian H at Milltown Boro to see if I can get him to give me a contact at the MHS.

And hello to RaritanRiverRailroadLightRail dude. I also grew up in East Brunswick, and was also at Rutgers alot.

Edited by - Tom_E_Reynolds on 08/10/2010 9:06:36 PM

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 08/12/2010 :  02:33:02 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hard to believe 10 yrs. ago,we only had a vision of what could happen.Now hopefully, It will

Still plays with trains,but gets paid for it!!

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 08/14/2010 :  3:18:23 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
NRHS Packet has been received, and everything looks as expected. The requirements are still 10-15 people.
I will make a call next week to the NRHS Chapter headquarters to confirm our ability as a new branch to collect tax-free donations.

Ken, were you able to contact Mary?

Also, I now have the info to contact the President of the MHS. I will call her next week to see when their next meeting is.


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Engine Wiper

Posted - 08/16/2010 :  11:50:10 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Ken - GREAT job on the display @ the Train Show.

Joe and I were there around noon on Sunday - and there were at least a half dozen names on the sheet. One of the people working there said there was a full sheet of names from Saturday.


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Engine Wiper

Posted - 08/16/2010 :  12:59:33 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks Rob! I must have just missed you; I worked the show Saturday and the second half Sunday. I did meet one of your friends that you went railfanning in upstate NY with.
So, I'm a little late with my update, but here it is:
I talked to several people who were interested in our cause and about half of those signed the sheet. Most of the rest took flyers. Some just walked up, took a flyer and left. We had about 16 signed up by the end of Sunday, but hopefully there's more out there thinking about it.
Tim from The Train Room is behind our efforts and will join the NRHS chapter with us. He'll also give us table space at future shows and have some flyers in his store next week (in Point Pleasant Beach). He is also interested in ordering (and even stocking) any modeling items of RRRR or local interest, so if you have any special requests, let him or me know.
Also, I heard from Tom and he is doing a lot of great work to keep the ball rolling. I'm going to get him the sheets and then I assume we'll regroup sometime soon.

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 08/16/2010 :  6:44:14 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I was unable to contact Mary, called but no answer
I will be able to drive to her house this week and talk to her in person. Maybe I should bring her a Grandpa pie to softer her up.


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Engine Wiper

Posted - 08/18/2010 :  10:52:03 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Ken,I was working Brown's and stopped by Mary's last week and we spent some time checking out fotos and stuff.What message or info do you want to give her?

Still plays with trains,but gets paid for it!!

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 08/18/2010 :  8:35:04 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Joe, we were just trying to keep Mary C in the loop and see what assistance\guidance she could offer us.

Edited by - Tom_E_Reynolds on 08/18/2010 8:35:55 PM

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Engine Wiper

Posted - 08/18/2010 :  8:36:33 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hey Check this out! As we had hoped, once we get started, help and assistance will show up, once we get the word out!

You received the following message from: AlanR

At: http://www.railroad-line.com/forum/


Earlier in the Milltown Station Move post I mentioned that I knew of a source of grant money for a project of that nature, if the RRRRHS were organized as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. I know that many of the NRHS chapters are 501(c)(3)'s, so your current path should be consistent with that.

I would also like to extend another offer to you and the group. The Amherst Railway Society, Inc. sponsors one of the largest Railroad Hobby shows in the northeast, and perhaps the east coast, every January. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Society, I have been authorized by the Show Director to offer the Raritan River Railroad Historical Society a FREE table at the Show coming up this January 29 and 30, 2011. You can use the space to advertise the RRRRHS and get the word out about the Milltown Station. If you have ever attended our show, you may be aware that we typically have over 20,000 in attendance over the weekend, which could make a large impact to the cause. If you haven't been to the show, check our web site at www.railroadhobbyshow.com.

We typically have a waiting list of over 400 vendors for this show. This invitation is being offered to promote more of the not-for-profits and to give the RRRRHS a chance to get off the ground.

If you are interested in taking us up on the offer, please contact our Show Director, John Sacredote, at showdirector@******. Please copy me, if you would, on the correspondence.

I have had a long-time interest in the Raritan River, stemming back to a field trip the Amherst Railway Society took to its shops back in the mid-70's. It took me a while to realize that it really is the perfect candidate for modelling, and I have been fascinated by the wealth of material you have accumulated on the railroad.

I hope you will take us up on this offer of space. I look forward to meeting you and some of the other forum members at the Show!


Alan H. Rice
Board of Directors

(Although this was sent to you directly, please feel free to publish it, if you wish. Also, please count me in as a supporter - being a Connecticut resident, getting down to the Jersey area is not a regular occurance for me, but I am definitely in full support of the organization.)

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Posted - 08/22/2010 :  07:30:58 AM  Show Profile  Send snarlman an AOL message  Reply with Quote
That is great news for sure! I hope to be able to lend a hand and will do my best with my work schedule to get the time off.


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