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Posted - 07/12/2003 :  08:46:11 AM  Show Profile
MODERATOR'S NOTE: This thread was originally posted by DREW under the "Scenery" topic in the Model RR Construction Forum. I have reposted it here as an archived "how-to."


Hi everyone!
I've had some people ask me about the fall foliage on my N scale layout, so I thought I'd post this here...these techniques all come under what I like to refer to as my "cheap, fast & easy" approach to model railroading...
I use the Woodland Scenics clump foliage that comes in the bag with four fall colors, another bag of WS "burnt green" clump foliage, & another of "dark green".
Here's what the fall colors look like right out of the bag...

These colors are a little too intense for me, so I cut each one with some of the burnt green in a blender. The 4 fall colors, the plain green, & the dark green (for evergreens) gives me 6 variations of color...I put each of these in plastic grocery bags.

Now I take a tuft of WS poly-fiber,

...& I pull it into a random shape, roughly the size of a golf ball...then I spray it with some cheap flat black spray paint...

I immediately, while the paint is good & wet, roll the poly-fiber in one of the bags of foliage...

To represent evergreens, I use the same technique, I just roll the poly-fiber into a roughly conical shape, & cover with dark green foliage...
As I make the poly-fiber trees, I lay them on a sheet of wax paper to dry, & spray them liberally with hair spray, to keep them from "shedding" too much...

To prepare the surface of the hill, I paint with earth colored latex paint, cover with sifted dirt, & dried leaves ground in the blender...for a steep surface like this, I insert sections of toothpicks 1/4" or so long, to act as sort of "cleats", to help secure the poly-fiber trees to the scenery. (I used a flash in this photo so the toothpicks would show up better)

Using generous dolops of full-strength white glue, I glue the "trees" to the hillside, working from the bottom up...

This looked OK, but I thought it was still missing something...
The answer came in the form of this stuff I found in the dried flower section at Wal-Mart...I think this stuff is called "candy tuft" (?)

I cut tiny spigs of this, dipped the stem in white glue, & stuck them in among the poly=fiber trees here & there...I thought this gave the "forest" a more realistic, "branchier" look...

For added effect, in foreground areas, I add full-scale trees in front of the PF trees (here's a link showing how I make these, with similoar techniques)-

Viewed from this angle, it (hopefully) looks like you're peering into a heavily wooded area

Edited by - MikeC on 07/12/2003 08:52:38 AM

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