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O Scale Blacksmith Shop
Posted by darrylhuffman On 02/22/2018 At 03:51:00 AM
I have always enjoyed visiting the blacksmith shop at Knotts Berry Farm so I decided to make my own version in O scale.

This is a night time view from outside the shop.
City Classics "Company Houses"
Posted by deemery On 02/18/2018 At 6:29:11 PM
Jim Sacco said to me at Springfield, "No one seems to do builds of my kits or other styrene kits." TWe see a lot more wood than styrene kits in build threads.

So I'm here to remedy that, with a build of City Classic's great "Company Houses" kit. You can buy one or a package with 3 (identical) houses. The fact these are small houses sold "in bulk" is perfect for constructing company owned housing for mineworkers, lumberjacks or even mill workers. An outhouse is included, it's a rare "big boss" that paid for running water and sewer lines to company housing.

Here's what comes in the kit (for 1 house)

The white sprue has the building walls including an addition that you can add to the side or back. (I'm not using the addition.) There are two 'roof' sprues per house plus a 'porch and steps' sprue.

I carefully cut the pieces from the sprues and then sand off the nubs with one of my favorite tools, self-stick sandpaper pressed onto a paint paddle. Be particularly careful to true up the left & right edges of the side pieces, since these butt against the front and back pieces. I then soak everything in a 10% solution of "Super Clean" (automotive cleaner from Wal-Mart), rinse and let air-dry thoroughly.

As is true for most boxes, I assemble a pair of Ls. On these kits, you want the foundations to align, and the side will be slightly offset from the trim on the front/back. I'm using magnetic corner clamps on the bottom (to get the foundation perfectly aligned.) I then run a bit of styrene cement (I'm using Testors liquid) along the inside edge, and adjust as necessary to make the side plumb against the front/back. Then I add the .060x.060 strip styrene as bracing to each corner. When the two Ls are dry, I glue them together to make the full box.

The next step is to prime and paint the wood. I'll cover that in a later post, I did one house already but I'm not 100% happy with how it came out.

I primed the roof with light grey, then I took a very dark blue-grey, added a bit of beige and a bit of water, and put a heavy wash/thin coat of paint. I let this dry with a bit of a slope "downhill" on the roof, this lets the color collect along the edges.

Here's my first house, it just needs the roof and chimney, and final painting/weathering. I'm going for a "never painted, well-weathered wood" effect.

Western Scale Models 10 stamp mill kit
Posted by darrylhuffman On 02/15/2018 At 7:27:07 PM
Has there been a thread for building the Western Scale Models 10 stamp mill?

How about any links to other sites on building this kit?
I'm looking for a build sheet for a C R M Truss Ro
Posted by BurleyJim On 02/11/2018 At 10:56:10 PM
Hi, I've unsuccessfully searched for an instruction sheet for a CRM Truss Rod Reefer #205, any help in locating one would be appreciated.

Gigantic Tool Sale
Posted by k9wrangler On 02/02/2018 At 6:19:15 PM
Karl "O" & Plastic Windows & Doors
Posted by MSIGMON On 01/30/2018 At 10:22:08 AM
Staring to scratch build my version of Carbones Garage on Dexter's Dead End. Like you I will not be using Stucco but using strip wood.
For me & the rest of the RR Forum can you give us a step by step on how you paint & weather a Tichy/Grandt window & door.
I found were you built the structures on Dexter's however have not found to much info on painting & weathering the plastic items
Mike Sigmon
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 Posted By: makanan sehat untuk penderita benjolan 
Signed: 2/22/2018 10:25:27 PM
 Posted By: steamerajim 
Hi, new to this site.
Having trouble locating files that I saw may be here. Specifically files from the now defunct Pacific Coast Air Line RR website. When I go to the files area, says: "no account"
Can anyone help? Thanks, Jim
Signed: 2/22/2018 1:10:53 PM
 Posted By: obat asam lambung 
Signed: 2/21/2018 2:13:25 AM
 Posted By: obat sakit gigi 
Signed: 2/20/2018 11:50:40 PM
 Posted By: Thomas Apesos 
Nice site. Enjoyed looking around. Am in the early stages of designing a layout. As a kid, I ran Super O track and am considering making the layout using Super O track. Availability of wider radius curves is an issue. Will prob end up modifying the existing (36" dia circle) curves to increase diameters to 60" (5'),72" (6'),& 84" (7'). So, I was just looking around hoping to get some layout ideas.
Signed: 1/20/2018 3:47:57 PM
 Posted By: Sandyman 
Just looking at your forum/blog.
Signed: 7/7/2017 3:02:38 PM
 Posted By: norm wright 
HI ,, I was looking for caboose interior kits ,,,,,,,,,,,,,norm
Signed: 4/17/2017 11:47:05 PM
 Posted By: tom dugan 
that photo is at nj zinc plant in palmerton pa.the building no longer standing
Signed: 3/26/2017 6:31:16 PM
 Posted By: ToddDulaney 
I bought my first HO model train set when I was 12 years old, had it on lay-away at G&G Model Shop in the Village, Houston, Texas. I have loved trains all my life. My Grandfather worked the old Yazoo & Mississippi Valley RR (with John Luther Jones), I.C., Gulf Division, L&N and retired off the MoPac. He and his half brother owned the Louisiana Southern RR, which ran through the truck farms in Barataria. He had box cars loaded under guard (holding Thompson Sub-machine guns.) My mother went once and it never occurred to her, veggies need no guard, but Hooch does.
Signed: 2/9/2017 5:44:22 PM
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