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Dead Man's Curve
Posted by nortonw On 04/07/2020 At 11:26:13 AM
I haven't seen anything on Dead Mans Curve is quite some time and I cant seem to find it using Search in the Forums.

I'm very curious to see how that turned out, if in fact it was finished.

Anyone else curious?
Seabird Guano fertilizer signage
Posted by darrylhuffman On 04/07/2020 At 03:18:59 AM
I was working on my waterfront diorama and was thinking of a good waterfront business.

I was prowling the internet and was happy to find a company that sells Seabird Guano fertilizer.

So here is the sign I printed out for the business.

Bar Mills Wicked Wanda
Posted by darrylhuffman On 04/07/2020 At 03:06:48 AM
I recently build my version of Bar Mills Models kit, Wicked Wanda's. This is a very popular model and other people have had "builds" of the kit.

I pretty much followed the kits instructions with two exceptions.

The kit comes with a very steep roof which I modified to a 45 degree sloping roof.

In Alaska people sometimes build A frame cabins with a very steep pitch roof as the snow slides off the roof rather than stacking up.

But in the 45 years I lived in Alaska I never saw a normal building with such a steep roof.

The second change I made was to add a "crow's nest" on a mast sticking up from the middle of the roof.

The model will go on a small waterfront diorama I am building and I thought the crow's nest would be an easy, but effective addition.

I also put a dummy in the crow's nest but several people have asked how he got up there.

I think I will be adding a ladder to the crow's nest shortly.

Of course then people will ask why the guy is up there.

Here are some photos of the finished model.

The finished model represents a bar on the waterfront.

I added quite a few figures as the Crow's Nest Bar is one of the more popular businesses in town.

Building Bar Mills Jerry's Small Engine Repair
Posted by darrylhuffman On 04/07/2020 At 02:32:37 AM
One of the latest releases from Bar Mills Models is the HO scale Jerry's Small Engine Repair.

This model has a small footprint but room for lots of details.

The kit contains Bar Mills great instruction sheets and castings.

Here is what the prototype model looks like. This is from the package for the kit.

The kit is under $50 and Bar Mills is not charging for shipping this kit.

Hopefully this will proceed quickly as I have a lot of free time on hand. In fact, this would be a great model for anyone who is locked into their house.

I have stained the primary walls and will post photos as soon as the stain dries.
Metal Casting Silicone for molds
Posted by Rusty Stumps On 04/05/2020 At 11:49:55 AM
If anyone out there does, or would like to, do metal castings I have a NEW kit of the silicone for doing such molds. It's a 5# tub of silicone with the hardener.
I ordered by mistake and not doing or plan to do any metal castings. So I'd like to send it to someone who want's it.
Just pay for the shipping and it's yours.
Send me a PM and first to say the want it gets it.
BIS C&S water tank for HOn3
Posted by Graffen On 04/04/2020 At 08:42:28 AM
Hi all.
I just built this.

Limited edition kit #168.

I've had it for a very long time, and each time I looked at the manual, I just put it away again...
The big issue was the tapered tank and the bands.
I just bit the bullet now and built it!
The base was rather easy to build.

To solve the tapering of the scale 8"x 2" planks, I made a fixture in my 3D printer.

The planks was to be reduced by 1/64" on one end... So a good fixture was crucial.

I taped the planks before removing them from the fixture. That's so I didn't mix the small and big ends.

I stained them while taped.

The wood was then glued to the cardboard tank base.

I only had to trim some of them to get good vertical alignment.

Finished tank:

All in all a very nice kit.
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 Posted By: Train Conductor 
Great content! Thank you!
Signed: 4/2/2020 8:18:22 PM
 Posted By: pctrain19 
Great resource for photos of models to help guide the modeler or provide instruction/ideas. HO scale logging theme.
Signed: 1/20/2020 3:23:36 PM
 Posted By: wm stephen jones 
I have 300ft G scale railroad in my front yard
Signed: 11/29/2019 4:55:10 PM
 Posted By: Edward Alderson 
Hi to all railway enthusiasts, large or small.
Signed: 7/29/2019 11:32:12 PM
 Posted By: Jody Robison 
I have started building a small ho scale layout. This is a very inspirational forum!
Signed: 6/24/2019 8:25:16 PM
 Posted By: John Schooff 
I want to introduce myself. This is all Greek to me,
Signed: 6/24/2019 5:44:17 PM
 Posted By: CNE1899 
I am just starting out in Z scale. I am interested in the CNE around 1899-1904. There is nothing out there in Z in this era of rail.
One thing that led me to the site was the early rail threads. I hope I can learn a lot here. I have joined and look forward to time spent here.
Signed: 2/25/2019 3:06:48 PM
 Posted By: Bill Goggin 
Getting back into model railroading after two decade hiatus. Starting a modest layout based loosely on the South Pacific Coast and Ocean Shore in California and am getting lots of inspiration by admiring the great work shown on this site.
Signed: 2/3/2019 11:41:58 AM
 Posted By: ronald wolters 
just looking
Signed: 12/31/2018 12:40:16 PM
 Posted By: Frank Cross 
Enjoy the forum discussions, but having issues trying to log on and trouble e-mailing.
Signed: 8/10/2018 1:05:47 PM
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