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Screen Door anyone? HO scale
Posted by k9wrangler On 04/02/2021 At 12:36:55 PM
Contemplating a screen door for a general store/ rural post office/ gas station

Any one ever made one? If so how? Not even a guess here.
The kind with an advertising door push.
rusty pipes
Posted by Bill Gill On 03/29/2021 At 08:50:04 AM
Just a quick Step-By-Step rusting some plastic straws for pipes, inspired by Karl A. (UK Guy)

After seeing how good Karl's pipes looked, thought I'd try some seen here:

I had a mixed collection of platic straws, some black coffee stirrer size (about 9" diameter in HO) and some pale brown ones (12" diam in HO)

On a recent warm day I sprayed some of each type outside with either flat black from Walmart's own brand (Color Choice) or Rustoleum flat brown and let dry overnight.

Next day I applied multiple (20-25) washes of Ceramcoat craft acrylics, some thickish, some extremely thin, all very wet.

Colors used the most: dark burnt umber, burnt umber, terracotta

Other colors: Bambi brown, a couple warm whites that I didn't notice specifically what names, black.

I also tried a little gouache (Indian red) on a couple straws and on one straw some real rust mixed with a matte acrylic varnish.

What I did: I used fat toothpicks wedged into
an end of each straw as a handle. I held a straw horizontally and sloshed on a thickish wash of dark burnt umber then rotated the straw to keep the paint from pooling along the bottom.

As soon as one straw lost its wet look I stuck the toothpick into a piece of blue foam so that it still extended horizontally, then grabbed the next straw and repeated. By the time I'd done the last the first was ready for the next wash.

As expected, the first 2-3 washes of burnt umber almost disappeared when dry.

After that I mixed up what colors I used (mostly the dark burnt umber or burnt umber, some terracotta), and how thin the washes were. Some had colors applied on top of other colors while still wet. Some dried in between layers.

After awhile I applied splotches of color randomly. If a spot looked too distinct, I washed over it with water while still wet.

I then applied more washes overall to blend the colors.

On a few edges of straw ends I applied a thicker layer of terracotta to look like new rust where the pipe had been cut or the joint separated.

Toward the end I applied a few washes or splotches of Bambi brown and/or the warm whites to give the surface a look of residual dirt.

Last, a couple more washes of the umbers to blend.

It took longer to write than do.

This weathering was all paint. I may experiment more, dabbing on some thicker craft acrylics for a heavily encrusted, corroded look on some pipes that were excavated after years in the ground

FSM Kit #35 Two Stall Engine House
Posted by Dutchman On 03/28/2021 At 7:04:33 PM
I started off my build thread for Kate's Kitchen back in January by stating "There is often a story".

That is true for this build as well. This story starts back in September 2004 when I picked up a stack of George's early kits.

Here is the subject of this build.

Now, back to the story. Back in 2004 I was still working as Superintendent of Schools in Ramsey, NJ. There were two retail establishments that I visited in Ramsey every week - one for each of my major hobbies. Hi-Way Hobby was a well established hobby shop with a long history of carrying model railroading equipment/supplies. I stopped in every Friday. The other establishment was Ramsey Outdoors.

The sales people in the train department of Hi-Way Hobby knew me well. They also knew my particular interests in the hobby.

Hi-Way hobby had a flood in their storage area decades before I started going there. They took any water damaged boxes of kits, dried them out, and put them on a shelf where they were forgotten. In 2004, they started bringing them up a little at a time. All the boxes were marked with red "X's" On this particular Friday, the salesman saw me and said "I think I have something you would be interested in". There on the shelf was this stack. I bought them all.

The total cost was $45.58 including tax.

You will note that there were two boxes of Kit #35. I bought them both and gifted Mike Chambers with one of them.

I will now start building the other. Wow, over 16 years have gone by.

Challenge kitbash
Posted by deemery On 03/21/2021 At 5:24:18 PM
One challenge for this year was to bash a kit. It took me a while to get inspired, but I've finally picked a kit and started the bash.

The kit is Mine Mount Models "Wileys Good Times Tavern" https://minemountmodels.com/shop/ols/products/wileys-good-times-tavern It didn't hurt this kit is on sale and is the topic of a build contest.

What you'll notice is the front of the kit is stucco. I've always hated stucco, so I'm doing the front in brick. One thing I've seen in some older towns are structures that were added on to, often built pre Civil War with Victorian era additions and touches. So my kit will have the front part be brick instead of stucco, and will have a whole new 3rd story with a Mansard roof.

Castle De' Chanel Build ( A Castle on a Cliff )
Posted by Carl B On 03/15/2021 At 08:04:37 AM
Welcome to a build of a project that I never thought I would do...a "castle on a cliff".. diorama.

The idea was born by my occasional collaborator, my history buff daughter, Chanel. Hence the project title. A build of this type is quite unusual to the model railroad community, but since we obviously have European members, & with our Moderators permission, here it goes. I've been to Europe, and they have plenty of castles still standing! Perhaps a hilly, rocky corner of a European layout could feature such a place (perhaps in ruins)?

Hundreds of images of castles from the 12th-14th century are on-line, and I saved many for reference. All kinds of designs, dimensions and methods were used. Raw materials were harvested from the local forests, quarries and rivers. The scale will be hard to nail down, but I would speculate somewhere between N-scale and HO.

First, we needed to select the maximum size of the base. Just a small oval approx. 15" wide by 12" deep. Not much room for her vision, so she drew this concept for me to wrap my head around. Perched on a cliff, with the sea below. Gee, thanks.

The structure will have mostly primitive stone masonry, mortar and a little wood. And very aggressive, rocky scenery surrounding the structure. After my initial reluctance and apathy, I began to like the idea. So I needed a mock up. After some dose-of-reality discussions, a tape measure & some cardboard, we settled on this..with labels for specific spaces...

Anyone interested in following? ..I'll start in the next update. Nearly everything about this project will be made up as I go along....

Till next time....begin at the beginning....
scratchbuild Emerson Electrical in HO
Posted by darrylhuffman On 03/12/2021 At 11:50:21 PM
After watching Jason Jensen Trains build the large building in FOS Scale's Limited Run kit for this year, I decided to build my own version as I missed out on the kit.

This is a fairly large building in HO.

I researched Emerson Electrical ads from the 1920s and 1930s. I found most of their ads featured their fans. The ad slogan was, "Built to last" so I added a fan sign to the roof of the building.

I will add some more detail photos shortly.
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 Posted By: Morey Mast 
Thank you for the work you do, as close to perfection as possible. I grew up in one of the closest houses to the Santa Fe line in our small town of less than 1,000 people. There was the main line plus three short sidings and one long siding. Made friends with many of the section hands that came through.
Signed: 4/14/2021 4:52:46 AM
 Posted By: SCOTT 
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Contact them today and be happy
Signed: 4/1/2021 10:41:10 AM
 Posted By: DAVID 
I've been modeling HO RRs for0ver 40 years. My 5 man RR club had articles in National RR Publications about our last big effort, but looking at the supper human weathering efforts on you Forum that I just discovered has given me inspiration to step up my game on the weathering angle. At 78 I'm going to start learning some really cool techniques. Thank you
Signed: 3/26/2021 1:33:58 PM
 Posted By: JW Snyder 
Thanks for all the work and art! Brilliant!
Signed: 2/25/2021 8:17:41 PM
 Posted By: DAVID H. Ellinger 
Had to tear down first HO layout due to move 1 years ago. Ready to jump back in but having a lot of trouble reregistering
Signed: 12/12/2020 4:05:04 PM
 Posted By: Wayne Sharp 
to coaltrain. Jeff, first I want to say what a fantastic layout! I have followed your forum on Salter Creek for the past year. I am stating my retirement layout and have decided on Upper Michigan logging & copper mining scenario. my layout will be small at 6' x 16'. I will be modeling the Mann creek ore cars. I am looking for the shapeway templates and parts that you used for your cars.Are they available commercially for sale. Thanks, UPlogger
Signed: 12/1/2020 12:59:57 PM
 Posted By: Henry Kaldenbaugh 

Hello from the land of the Rio Grande Southern RR. My interest is in card stock models of RGS structures.
Signed: 10/18/2020 10:07:14 AM
 Posted By: Peter Scouler 
Been following some fabulous builds for some years. Great to build some of the kits. Certainly raises your standards.
Signed: 10/10/2020 1:09:49 AM
 Posted By: Sam T Godfrey 
Hi all!
I am enjoying these forums a lot. Lots to see and lots to learn! Wish I could spend more time building my N layout, but I'm glad there are folks to keep me enthused!
Signed: 9/27/2020 4:48:49 PM
 Posted By: Guy Jones 
Nice little site
Signed: 7/28/2020 8:48:38 PM
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