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T O P I C    R E V I E W
George D Posted - 11/04/2010 : 2:46:22 PM
Our last thread of introductions grew to a whopping 100 pages. I guess it’s time to start a new thread.

Mike C provided the original guidance for this thread which works pretty well.

It's really great getting to know one another. If you're a new member (or even an old one who never replied to the original thread), please take a few moments and introduce yourself to us here.

1) Where do you live?
2) How long have you been a model railroader, and how did you get started in the hobby?
3) Do you model a prototype railroad or freelance your layout?
4) Do you model a certain era and/or geographic region?
5) How large is your layout and what scale do you model?
6) What's your favorite part of the hobby? And what do you enjoy least?
7) How do you control your trains (DC, DCC, or something else)?
8) Tell us anything else about yourself you'd like us to know.
9) Post your picture - if you dare.

If you want to see how others answered the questions, the last thread is here: http://www.railroad-line.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8297&whichpage=1

15   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
BurleyJim Posted - 10/27/2020 : 09:21:16 AM
Welcome aboard Jeff and Anna-Carin, we're glad you joined the forums and please don't be bashful about participating.

Jim in Indiana
Anna-Carin Posted - 10/27/2020 : 08:25:55 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome! I am glad to be a part of this group.
Dutchman Posted - 10/27/2020 : 08:19:21 AM
Jeff and Anna-Carin, welcome to the RR-L Forum.

George D Posted - 10/26/2020 : 7:53:53 PM
Welcome to the RR-Line, Jeff and Anna-Carin.

Orionvp17 Posted - 10/26/2020 : 7:42:21 PM
Welcome aboard, folks! Enjoy the ride!

in Michigan
jbvb Posted - 10/26/2020 : 7:32:07 PM
Welcome, Anna-Carin and KMo (Jeff). I'm looking forward to seeing what you find interesting.
Anna-Carin Posted - 10/26/2020 : 4:18:59 PM

I live in Sweden and started building 1/48 scale and smaller miniatures in the late 1990s. Now I'm returning to the hobby after a long break, and want to learn more about making models look real. I've been lurking her for a while and have found the scratch builds very inspiring; I really appreciate all the links and other information that has enabled me to read about new (to me) techniques, on and off this site.
KMo Posted - 10/26/2020 : 3:00:45 PM

1. I live in Arkansas.

2. I’ve enjoyed a lot of different types of modeling - cars, ships, WW2 aircraft, and trains. I got an O-27 train one year for Christmas. It went into storage eventually. A few years later I got an HO Tyco Train set for Christmas. It got set up in numerous flat non-carpeted areas in my house. I bought more rolling stock and locos from my LHS over time. I drew up scale layout plans but never got the space to build it in the basement. Life happened. My HO set went with me. When my son was old enough, we set up my train set and ran it together. But still, no permanent place. Then 4 things happened. The kids are now all out, we moved to a different house, and my wife gave me a bedroom for model building, leather working (another hobby which may turn into an income source in retirement), and permission to build a shelf layout (which will allow the placement a a twin bed someday)!

3. My original HO layout would’ve been free lance. The answer to that question on what this layout will be, is yes. I’m modeling the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gaige. It will be proto-lanced. In 2018 and again this past Aug/Sep for a week my family went to Silverton on vacation. I was fascinated by the mining history of the place and we got to see it first hand on a couple of guided tours and then 2 days in a rented Jeep on Jeep trails. I will be running tourist trains. I will also be running trains to support the new mining operations that have sprung up (because new smelting techniques have made mining silver and other metals In the area profitable again), and help move cattle and sheep herds seasonally in and out of the high country.

4. It will be a modern era time frame but with locomotives that the D&RGW has operated, but aren’t currently operating out of Durango - partly due to availability, pricing, and me not having the skills or desire to spend time tweaking brass (at least for now). The scenery between Durango and Silverton is incredible. And due to the fact that foam insulation sheets are available and so easy to sculpt, I’m going to do my best to imitate what I’ve seen along the rails.

5. My assigned room is about 12’ x 11’ n’change. I’ll have 2 walls of 24” wide shelf, a wall of 20” shelf and a couple of lift outs with a short wall mounted section between them. And this will be done in HOn3. I plan to suspend a sub shelf underneath for my old HO stuff so my grandson can run some trains.

6. I like running the trains. I probably am not going to have car cards and use a clock for a time schedule but I will have regularly scheduled trains to support the tourist trade to Silverton and get the silver ore down to Durango. I like building models. But I also like running the trains.

7. I will run the NG on DCC. The HO will run on DC until I get the chance to convert it over.

Download Attachment: D812FDC5-DCE1-432D-B9CE-0F6C01F5312E.jpeg
147.25 KB
George D Posted - 08/29/2020 : 09:04:42 AM
Welcome aboard, Marc. It looks like you'll fit in real well with this crowd.

George D Posted - 08/29/2020 : 09:04:41 AM
Welcome aboard, Marc. It looks like you'll fit in real well with this crowd.

Michael Hohn Posted - 08/29/2020 : 08:35:09 AM
Welcome aboard, Marc. Sounds like you have a lot of fun with this hobby, which is as it should be. I like what I see in your photo and hope to see more.

thefowlerman Posted - 08/29/2020 : 03:54:58 AM
Hi All,
I live in the east bay of the SF Bay Area, have traveled and lived here and there but as one of those few born-and-raised Californios, always seems to come back home to the Bay Area.

I started my first layout in 6th grade, a 4x8' HO plywood empire with a 4x4' add-on to make an L. Took up half of my very patient parent’s family room before high school, work, cars and girls - not necessarily in that order - came along. The plywood came down and everything packable went into boxes, the layout deferred but the dream never going away.

Work, moves and marriage and I started a second layout in the garage of our tiny rented home in Pacific Grove, CA. That barely went beyond the planning stage, but did result in accumulating more track and turnouts in anticipation of ‘the day’.

Skip ahead thru more moves to our current home in the East Bay with a garage that was just begging to have a dedicated 8 x 16’ train room constructed in one half. Room built, insulated, carpeted, lit and A/C’d and the empire began anew. Progress was slow but the layout is now running, pretty much de-bugged and trouble-free, and the first layer of scenicing well past the halfway point.

The Sierra and Northwest Railway and Navigation is a free-lanced late 1930’s down-on-its-luck-but-still-hanging-on line running between the cities of Eureka, Belle Fleur and Port Talbot thru mountains, foothills and wide-spots on the line with names like Centennial, Remington, Las Rojas, Arribe Caliente and Inasmuchas, to the hard working seaside port of Bee Haven.

Small steam - a pair of Prairies and a Mikado - deferred maintenance, 40’ freight cars and a trio of almost 60’ hand-me-down passenger varnish are the order of the day. But progressive management sees better days ahead, along with the writing on the wall; and diesel in the form of a GE 44 tonner recently came, though at the cost of yet another advance on the S & NW R & N line of credit at the local 1/87 scale bank.

Trains on the ‘Sinful and Wrong’ are short but picturesque as they snake through tunnels, climb mountain passes and inch their way across trembling bridges. Through the ‘cheat’ of a hidden helix and a folded dogbone track plan, 155’ of mainline running - 120’ of it visible - are packed into the train room. Trains do pass thru each scene 4 times, but a more-or-less continuous grade ensures that each pass through is at a higher elevation for a bit of visual separation. Trains reach the highest point on the line at Bonaparte, which at 55” above the floor is perhaps not too far off from its namesake Little Emperor, before disappearing into an as-yet unnamed mountain and the four-turn helix. Control is currently DC, with the transition to DCC planned for this winter. All buildings are lit by LEDs, with each structure being removable should I eventually decide to detail the interiors.

Every aspect of the hobby interests me in turn, but scenery is where the real joy comes, followed by just letting the trains run on the continuous mainline, structure building, getting ideas from the latest model railroad magazine, and operation. Casual operation to be sure, no timetable here, as befits the casual nature of the S & NW R & N. Least favorite but still enjoyable is the electrical side of things, with Ohm’s law and calculating resistor values still as challenging as alchemy to me. I do enjoy trying my hand at modeling different types of scenery, with the current effort being California gold country foothills and river.

Well, forgive the long intro. I’m looking forward to enjoying the forum, learning new skills and improving my modeling from the tips of the modelers here, and perhaps making a contribution or two when I can.

Thanks in advance!

Download Attachment: Shadowfell Gorge.jpg
125.75 KB
jamesbkenny Posted - 07/25/2020 : 07:47:00 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome. I will probably have more questions than answers!. In fact I am posting a question in a moment. Better put it on the correct thread!
Michael Hohn Posted - 07/25/2020 : 07:33:58 AM
Welcome aboard, James. I’m looking forward to seeing your work posted here.

George D Posted - 07/25/2020 : 07:30:25 AM
Welcome aboard, James. It sounds like you're a hard core narrow gauger. You're going to find a lot of On30 activity here. Join in and let us know what you're doing.


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