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T O P I C    R E V I E W
railman28 Posted - 06/12/2012 : 02:00:55 AM
Most of this spring I've spent my hobby time on procurement and planning. My layout is about 23 years old and needs some love. It needs its scenery refreshed, a good cleaning, buildings repaired and track maintenance. All of which has been delayed by the knowledge that I wanted to change a few things to ease maintenance, improve running, improve presentation and be more correct for my time period. The biggest change to make the layout correct for my time period will be to replace all turnouts to stub points. But here is what my current track plan kinda looks like;

The layout layout currently doesn't have any Three way switches on it. This drawing was a planning sketch that most accurately shows my original layout.
This is what I hope it will become;

As you can see the most obvious change is the orientation of the turntable roundhouse. But also the passing track at Beaver Hill has been moved so that the south turnout is reachable for maintenance. The same reasoning lead to the log dump entry being moved.
This next view won't impress any of the fine craftsman here but it show me testing these drawing on the layout to see if they would actually work. It appears that they will;

The next step is to see exactly how much room my new turntable will take. So I will now take time to build it and escape the mud bog that planning can become. I'm using Freshwater Models' Sellers Turntable kit. Here's a progress shot;

As this kit is no longer made and Dave and Craig have already ran detailed building treads on this kit (which I have found very helpful) I'll just share progress shots here and then.
Any and all comments are welcomed.
15   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
railman28 Posted - 11/03/2018 : 12:07:34 AM
Thanks Frank, That a super nice model donkey there. 81/8" tall in F scale. interesting.
Frank Palmer Posted - 11/01/2018 : 10:46:16 AM
Nice detail on the donkeys. Here's a picture of my 1:20.3 Precision Scale AH&D 3-drum donkey. The boiler is 5-1/4" high and it's 2-1/8" in diameter if that's any help in trying to figure the scale of yours. The top of the stack is 8-1/8" high.

Michael Hohn Posted - 11/01/2018 : 08:37:41 AM

Best wishes for a rapid recovery.

Bill Gill Posted - 11/01/2018 : 07:50:11 AM
Sounds like the battle was a success. Good to hear!
OK Hogger Posted - 10/31/2018 : 10:17:12 PM
Wow... I must have missed something major... didn't know you were having surgery!!

Take care of yourself and follow your Doc's instructions and get well soon!!

railman28 Posted - 10/31/2018 : 10:03:01 PM
i am now home from the hospital. The enemy was hunted down and destroyed He had occupied more territory than testing had revealed which lead to a longer and more destructive of the "land"surgery than was planned. I'm looking at 2.5 tp 3 weeks of recoverey.
railman28 Posted - 10/21/2018 : 2:29:00 PM
HŚkan, Mike,
Thank you. I did well on the purchase. I took a page from Frank on "American Pickers" on the history channel and bundled. The seller had bought several estates in cash and doesn't like to use computers and wanted the stuff to go to people who appreciated it. He had a lot of good stuff which meant I had to use a lot of discipline. Still I got these two donkeys, another donkey (a three wide-drum loader) A PFM Jullet Basset car and a Beaver Creek V&T #10 caboose for $210.00. Both of us were happy with the deal. The Beaver Creek car by it's self always sells for over 200 on the Bay so if I sell (I do have a little hoarder in me too) I'll be alright. Most likely the Donkeys will go to a better home. We'll see after surgery.

Let me please talk about my Historical Society.
I belong to The Virginia and Truckee Railroad Historical Society. Here is their web page;

If you have any interest in 19th century Railroading you should join. We have a quarterly Journal, The Telegraph, that is fabulous. By it's self is worth the price of membership. The back issues and 12 books are available from the web pages. I can practically guarantee that if buy one back issue you'll want them all. The newest book is a study of Coach 17. It is excellent.

I've been asked for more pictures of coach 17.
so here's the other side;

and a close up of the exposed interior of the wall. You can see the damage to the Redwood structure and notice the floating needle beams;

Here's one of the interior Taken by Jim Wilkie for me since he was allowed into the car;

Just to show you the difference here are two shots I took a couple of years ago deep in the carbarn. Look at the sway in the car side;

Ad the end platform (they actually look better in the picture than I remember them) looking pretty tired;

I'm really happy to see this car stabilized.
There is a brass model of this car (GEMS CP promontory set) and Westwoods ( CP promontory set) kit. Both of these have the arch windows we see today. However, pictures of the car at Promontory show traditional square top windows. The arch windows were added latter. Nobody as yet knows when. So these models are really models of V&T #17
Michael Hohn Posted - 10/21/2018 : 08:00:29 AM

Good detective work. I agree that there should be a demand for them.

Iím enjoying your photos with captions. They sort of stoke the fire of creativity.

masonamerican Posted - 10/21/2018 : 02:04:31 AM
Thanks for sharing the photos Bob! Very interesting to see. Nice to know that they have conserved the Crocker car. My Westwood model looks like an exact copy of it.
Looks like you are right on the Engines. They look enormous for HO. Anyhow if they are O scale Iím sure the will sell easily and with a profit on Ebay. Assembled examples in O scale must be quite scarce.

railman28 Posted - 10/20/2018 : 5:30:51 PM
I've been looking at the donkeys Trying to determine exactly what I had and I noticed the tri-cocks on the boiler seen on the boiler on the left in this view;

As I'm sure you all know these tri-cocks were used to check the water level in the boiler. So the operator had to be able to reach them to check the water level and since they spat out boiling water you didn't want them where they could spit on you. At about five feet high would allow the operator to use them at safe distance. On this model the highest Cock valve is 10 feet High so I'm thinking what I got are O scale models. Oh shoot!
railman28 Posted - 10/19/2018 : 11:51:46 PM
Originally posted by Michael Hohn


It appears you are looking at the big picture and thinking about your layout.

Yes, those are interesting photos of lumber storage. Thank you. Thatís a pretty classy lumber rack.


Glad you enjoyed them
railman28 Posted - 10/19/2018 : 11:49:08 PM
Dave, I would like to see that happen. I would support it. We are a niche of niches though. But it would be nice if it could happen.

After Jamestown I went up Hwy 49 to Columbia State Park. Lots of good stuff here. I made a special effort to study the back of building and how they dealt with slopes in the terrain. Here are two of the many interesting buildings;

after lunch I continued to cruse north on Hwy 49. For those who don't know, let me mention that 49 weaves it way through the foothills that contain California's Mother Load and the communities that were founded by the miners of the 49 gold rush. There are many remnants of those early cities still there. Particularly in the communities that the Highway missed by a mile or so. Here's one interesting sight;

This was in a little private museum in Angel's Camp. That sure is a nice looking car parked behind it. They also had another, much larger traction engine their that I think was modeled as a Kit by Rio Grande Models. Anyways I continued into Sacramento and the next day started with visiting the California Railroad Museum. They have seven 19th century engines in their collection including the prototype for my moguls. I needed some more detail photos not only of my prototype but also the other exhibits for use in later projects. Here's a sample;

Yes, exciting isn't it. So I'll spare you the other 29 I took.

after lunch I took Interstate 80 to Reno and HWY 395 to Carson City where I enjoyed the Annual convention of the Virginia And Truckee Historical Society. Talks and presentations that covered operations, equipment and it's preservation. This year we even had a presentation on the lawyers of the railroad which actually was interesting because this was a small community so there were conflicts of interest everywhere. I also had the opportunity to visit The Nevada State Railroad Museum. They have four 19th century engines, three of which are running. The Fourth is awaiting funds. Again most of the pictures I took this time won't be of much interest to most of you but let me share you these two;
the first,

This is Virgina and Truckee coach 17. She wa built by the Central Pacific in 1868 as a private car. First serving as the Commissioners car and then as Crocker's private Car. She was at Promontory when the Golden Spike was driven.
It is amazing that she is still with us at all. She look much better than she did last year. The Museum's volunteers have done an excellent job of stabilizing her. After extensive study it was determined that the car can not be restored. The car has gone through to many changes that there is not enough original material remaining or there is not enough information available to do it. Many of us are saddened by this news but it is the best way to go. This next Picture is something we all like to see;

She's 19th century but barely.

Now I need your help. I picked these up from a vendor at the conference. They came from an estate. They are Donkey Engines;

And here's a end view

I've compared the models to the drawings I have and their size (5' Dia. boiler)is consistent with Wide Spool Yarder Engines used in the Pacific Northwest. Several people have made Models of much smaller donkeys. Cannon (bought out by Evergreen) and Bachmann. Here's Bachmann's version next to them.

The Backmann's and Evergreen's models are nice models suitable for many uses but not Pacific Northwest Logging. the trees where just too big. I'm trying to confirm who made these Donkeys. They were kits assembled and painted by the modeler. I've checked the offering from V&T shops and other MFGs I know of who made models of donkeys and can't find any matches. Do any of you recognize them?
Michael Hohn Posted - 10/19/2018 : 10:10:47 PM

It appears you are looking at the big picture and thinking about your layout.

Yes, those are interesting photos of lumber storage. Thank you. Thatís a pretty classy lumber rack.

deemery Posted - 10/19/2018 : 8:07:51 PM
Don Ball and I have kicked around the idea of a 'period modeler's convention and rail tour' to the Sierra RR. It's still something I'd like to see happen!

railman28 Posted - 10/19/2018 : 7:18:00 PM
Well my friends it's time to file my vacation report. This year I went on the hunt for specific information and images. Images that I could use to make backdrops with. Also I needed detail shots to continue my current projects and I hoped to pick up an idea or two along the way. So I started in Sequoia National Park. Often when you take pictures of tress other tress get in the way but in a corner of Sequoia there are a pair of meadows that allow you take pictures of whole tress like this;

I took several series of these some of them I will stitch together to make a backdrop. The next day I drove up to Jamestown to visit the Sierra RR and stop to take a series of the rolling foothills;

I'm thinking these might look good behind Beaver Hill Jct. Many time I've driven up to Jamestown I've gone right by the turnoff for Knight's Ferry. This time I decided to check her out. I was surprised. I've often talked about how we had to capture the feel of per-zoning towns and here before me was a main street still in the layout;

The building aren't evenly spaced from each other or the street. And look at those trees.

I enjoyed my visit to Railtown. It was great to see #28 almost ready to steam again. That was the first steam Engine that ever saw run. It will be good to see he run again.

Mike, These are for you. At janes town the Machine Shop is laid out South of the Roundhouse. South of the shop was a long building that held the Master Mechanic's Office, the store building, tool house and the last half was wood storage. Today Half of that section is devoted tot a museum of film props used by the railroad but the other half is still used for wood storage so,

to be continued

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